What are your cc processing rates

While getting some questions answered in another thread I became curious what people are paying for there effective rates on cc transactions. I saw a couple people posting some numbers that looked way better than mine so I was very curious. I am currently using Worldpay and am at 3.6% effective rate on about $75000 a month in sales.

I am currently using Worldpay and am at 3.6% effective rate on about $27,000 a month in sales.

Have you ever called to fake cancel. They will lower the interchange for a while.

Also did you complete the long compliance quiz, that every answer is yes.

I would think you should get better rates than me.


2.65% which ends up being $3200 a month at my sales volume
2 merchant Ids
My rate is interchange+.05

I was at an all time low of 2.25% last year but every month they change something

2.4% here with CardConnect

So my world pay statement for April just came in and my effective rate went from 2.45% to 3.55%. That was an increase of $7500 for the month. :rage:

My account rep is looking it over.

Visa and Mastercard changed all their fees effective April. That’s probably why ThePizzaPirate saw such a big jump.

I’m so sick of credit card companies. I’m afraid to even look now. You sign all these documents after negotiating rates that basically don’t mean jackshit, unless you want to leave, then they don’t give you your gift card info willingly and make you pay a termination fee

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Here in NV it is legal to have a charge for CC fees. We add 3% to every CC order and it offsets the fees. Once in a blue moon someone confronts us on this charge. We tell them the CC fees kill us and we are selling pizza and not subsidizing your CC perks.

I use Heartland. My rate is about 2.4 for card present. What hurts is the card not present transactions for delivery. I believe it is an extra .76%