What are your cc processing rates

Agree, I just went through that and downloaded all the statements from this year. Getting charge pci compliancy at one location of $80/month. Then the other location? 34.95. wtf

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Got my first bill after switching to heartland and it is now 3.2% They promised me 2.6% which I already expected to be a lie because it just seems like that’s how this works. My last worldpay bill was 3.8 so I guess its better but I am tired of being lied to.

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Worldpay, 2.76% on $74,000
Dec 2022

2.5% now, dropped Worldpay but still need to use them as a gateway

I actually just switched back to worldpay after Heartland sucked real hard and world pay has been at 2.5-2.6% Its actually crazy the rate I am getting from them now.

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Ive been meaning to get my CC processing handled.
Do you have a rep u are working directly with?

My old rep works in a different industry now

That seems to be the standard. I’m suspecting clownhair is getting that rate because he left and came back. I stopped trusting Worldpay a while ago now. I hope his rates stay low but I am suspicious of that company

I had a gentleman who helped me get it setup, his name was William but I don’t have contact with him anymore he was just my initial point of contact. I can send you his email if you want to try and reach out to him but I think he just handles signing new accounts.

Very likely got better rates from leaving. I did have the president of speed line actually speak with them and he said he told them to hit me with a good deal. I’m just gonna watch the statements closely and hope it stays good. This is the first time my quoted rates have actually been my real rates at any processor though. Fingers crossed.

I wish you luck! It’s tough having to use Worldpay with Speedline so you can take online payments with speeddine

mine went up to 2.59% with Batchout so I called them and they are figuring out how to get it back down to 2.4%. They noticed a change that they were not aware of supposedly. My paperwork says discount rate of .10%

With toast we are IC +.25%+ .10 for both CNP and in store

divide your monthly sales by your monthly fee so you can determine your effective rate. My buddy with Toast is at 3%

How have your effective rates been since you went back to Worldpay?

It’s averages out to 2.5 but I like Interchange +

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Between 2.5-2.6 still. I am on top of it militantly, every month waiting for the rug pull, but have been going good so far :slight_smile: