what are your current profit margins with COGS going up

i was crunching the numbers and profit margins seem to be about 24% of gross sales down from about 27%

just wondering how everyone else is holding up with costs going up

How are you defining profit? My guess is not the same way I do.

BTW, we have seen COGS sold dropping for the last couple of months.

We were at 20.4% but with so many things increasing we are now at 17.7%. I have been able to refinance my commercial rate to save a few hundred a month and cut some things like laundry service and credit card processing.
We are getting close to 20k per week in sales and it is frustrating to see all that hard work not pay off at the bottom line.

net profit margins. after everything is paid

Not to hijack the thread, but I’m curious to know how that worked for you. I’m sure no one likes to fork over that big chunk of $ to the processing leeches at the end of the month, but in an increasingly cashless society that seems like suicide. Was your decrease in sales, if any, offset by the savings? We dropped AmEx, but kept the others.

Also, I assume your aren’t able to take online orders if you don’t take credit cards, correct?

I did not cut the acceptance of credit cards. I negotiated a better rate. Sorry for not wording that properly.