what are your favorite brands for salads dressings

what are your favorite brands for ranch dressing, italian and others


The only place that sells salads without having “house brands” that I worked at used Ken’s brand dressing.

I’m a Hidden Valley ranch fan…Ken’s is okay…it’s just not Hidden Valley.

We are a delco. We use the Newman’s Own packets.

i want to make my own but i think i ll go with ken i prefer it over others

I am gathering recipes for making our own next year. Until then, there is a cache or perception value in using what are viewed as “upper end” dressings. Kraft is quite serviceable in many applications, but having one of those brands like Newman’s or Ken’s (or other regional brands) gives the customer a feeling of getting something special. Food cost difference is usually only a few cents per serving, and we’ve converted some folks . . . . they ‘yell’ at us for getting them hooked on higher priced dressings.

We’ll make our own line of several dressings next year, but not all of them. So, I’ll keep some Ken’s Gallons on the hand pump for those occasions and flavors.


We get alot of compliments on it - the customers think we make it in house!

We offer:
Blue Cheese
Honey Mustard
Wild Raspberry ----- really good!!!
Low Fat Italian ---- CANNOT tell it’s low fat!

I can’t promote my current dressings because they all are “not good” but if I could package the Bleu Cheese dressing from Red Lobster…

I would be happy anyway!

I use Hellman’s Creamy Caesar and Balsamic Vinaigrette, which are very good. However, not all of their dressings are great. I did not like their Honey Mustard. For Ranch, I buy the stuff from Sam’s Club for $6 a gallon. It may not be as good as others, but no one has complained. It’s about $3-4 less per gallon, so who’s to argue?

marzettis is by far the best
Kens is second

we make our own.

Gorgonzola blue cheese
and out balsamic vinagerette dressing

They are both FAB

we buy buttermilk house ranch. In my opionion its the best ranch you can buy

and cardines or whatever caesar. people love it

we make our own ranch and blue cheese and use Marzetti’s for everything else EXCEPT for french which I love and one of the perks is I get to make the choices :twisted: we use Venturas sweet and tart if you can find it I suggeust you try it