What are your most popular slices?

We offer slices & I am looking to change up our base lineup. If you sell slices what are your top three selling slices, excluding cheese & pepperoni?

Buffalo Chicken, White Garlic with Veggie, Anything with bacon

Spinach/Feta/Tomato on Alfredo
Spinach/Feta/Roasted Red Pepper on Alfredo
BBQ Chicken
Chicken & Roasted Red Peppers
The weirder stuff is fun and people like the choices but they don’t sell often.
I played around w/ asparagus and brussel sprouts- did asparagus & bacon on alfredo, asparagus & sausage, etc.
The asparagus did well, the brussel sprouts… not so much.


Left side, click “photos”, should see some of the pies.

  1. Pepperoni, sausage, meatballs (meat) - construction workers mostly
  2. BBQ chicken (olive & garlic base with chicken tossed in Sweet Baby Rays) everyone
  3. Sausage