What are Your Pizza Sauce Options

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What Pizza sauce options do you offer and how do you keep them handy for the rush?
We have

-Pizza Sauce (Kept in a 12qt round cambo on the stretch table right next to the unit)

-Garlic Butter (We keep it in a squeeze bottle in a speed rail attached to the over shelf)

-Alfredo Sauce (Ours is really thick when cold so we have it in a disposable pastry bag in the unit)

-Rustic Sauce (kept in a 6qt round cambro underneath the pizza unit)

-Ranch and Bbq (Squeeze bottles together in a 1/6 pan in the unit)


Love your variety of pizza sauces, especially the alfredo in a pastry bag for easy handling! Our pizzeria offers a similar spread with a spicy marinara too. We keep everything hot under a lamp, but maybe trying your cold alfredo method is a good idea for next time. What are other pizzaioli’s favorite sauces and rush prep tips?


We’re a pizzeria that specializes in the off-the beaten-path. Only about 40% of our pies go out with our traditional house red. All the sauces in the first list are every day sauces, and all are in 32oz squeeze bottles except for those with an * which are in pans, or tubs in the tables on the line. The second list are some of our seasonal sauces, all in bottles. The list is off the top of my head and I don’t think it’s complete. We don’t seem to have much difficulty with using bottles in most cases. We also have several pies that are sauceless.

House Red Sauce *
House White Sauce
Alfredo Sauce
Cajun Alfredo
Chipotle Sauce
Country Gravy *
Cream Cheese *
Dill/Sour Cream Sauce *
Garlic White Sauce
Olive Oil
Pesto Sauce
Ricotta *
Sriracha-Thousand Sauce
Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce
Sweet and Sour
Sweet Chili
Texas BBQ Sauce (house)
Thai Peanut

Mustard Sauce
Red Curry
Pistachio Pesto
Orange Sauce
Thousand Island
Turkey Gravy *

Wow momenterry!!! That’s a huge list.

What s your store name or website if you don’t mind sharing? Love to check out the pies.

We have a few
Classic Pizza sauce
Creamy Garlic
Wine and Cheese

How do you keep the wine and cheese handy for the rush?

Are you using wine and cheese spread?


It’s a salad dressing that we purchase and keep in a sauce bottle.

Used to be made by St Claire’s but we now have to special order it. Sysco Memphis is the only place stocking it unfortunately.

Awesome menu

Does the wine and cheese sell well?

I love thai peanut. What brand are you using? Ive seen Saratoga brand and House of Tsang


We sell a lot of the pizzas. So much we turned it into a sub as well. We even were in Explore Georgia magazine for “100 plates local love” article.

I hate tooting my own horn but we are proud of the recognition

15th Street, we’re in Oregon Duck territory in Eugene. We’re the Coburg Pizza Company.

And, yes, it is a huge list. It does cause us some challenges, but it’s also what we’re known for. We haven’t been able to put this genie back in the bottle.

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We have found the best to be the House of Tsang.


Love the creativity. Kudos for that and keeping up with it all!