What Brands of Chesse do you use on your Pizza?????

Well I have been useing Grande East Coast Blend
I am very happy with it,I know many will say it cost a few extra pennys.
But I think its worth it…
What are the brands you good folks use on your pizza???
I have tried other people pizza and I feel most use cheap chesse…
No wonder how many places go out of business :o

You think using cheap cheese puts places out of business? Not true, just ask any of the big three.

I’ve seen this cheese discussion on here many times before, and just shake my head with regard to how much effort people put into choosing their cheese. I’d be willing to bet a lot of money that most (not every single one), but 98% of the customers don’t care about or can’t tell the difference between the most expensive cheese and a “cheap” but decent cheese.

Like using Grande cheese is some sort of badge of honor or something.

I am not saying you are wrong…
I have tasted many places in the Poconos and New Jersey area.And the chesse
is not as great as the Grade.
I am sure there is many Great brands out there other then Grande.
But lets see what the good folks out there think are good chesse???
I am sure many people cannot tell the differance but you
do have some that can tell…Jt

I tried Leprino against Grande and Grande kicked its butt. Creamier, performed better, and looked much better cold and reheated (which is important when people eat your pizza the next day.) JMO. We all have to use what makes sense to us.

Dewar’s speaks for me as well. My ovens and your ovens are worlds apart. My sauce and yours make a totally different flavor profile. Grande didn’t make me sing when I put it on my pizza in my oven. It was really good, mind you . . . just not better then the one I use now (A blend of Saputo and Winona cheeses both are 50/50 mozz/pov)

The question about what is better is really secondary to what do your customers want?..If you make a product that is not what your customers want how good it is really does not matter…

Kinda goes without saying. But you have to start with what you think your customers would like and what market you are pursuing. We have not tried Saputo or Winona yet. But we do like the flavor of a mozz/provolone blend.

Gezzzzz I don’t know anyone useing mozz/provolone on their pizza in NJ or New york City areas…
Grande east coast blend have whole and skim…
I am sure many around the county enjoy their pizza with mozz/provolone
But in NYC you will never see mozz/provolone in you pizza,but I can be wrong…Jt

I also think that a little provolone adds alot to the flavor. I use Ricco cheese blocks and mix it 60% Mozz 40% Prov. We grade all of our cheese. We have been doing that 49 years with great success. But you could also say that that is what our customers grew up with. They also move away and when they come back to our shop they all say that they just can’t get as good of a pizza and stromboli anywhere else.

Sigh. I guess I get as sick of hearing about NY pizza being the standard for judging authenticity as much as Registered Guest gets sick of hearing about Grande being the best.

I’ll remember not to deliver my pies to NYC :slight_smile:

Johnny, are you in the NYC area? Never seems an awfully strong argument.

To be kinda blunt, 10,000 NYC pizzerias doing something doesn’t make it the right thing for all places. I can guarantee none of them are using my sauce in my ovens serving my customers, either. I do know that some people (not that you seem at all this way) feel that NYC is the all-knowing Pizza Mecca to be worshiped and not questioned.

It seems you are really happy with the Grande East Coast blend, and should stick with it if the customers are happy. Mine have come to expect the prov back notes, and find plain mozzarella a bit too bland. I have had to use straight WM mozz when our supplier ran short of the 50/50, and customers asked when we would get our usual cheese back. Pizza is like chili and BBQ in the south . . . so many styles and tastes . . . so many ways to differentiate ourselves from the pack of others in the marketplace.

Those of you that do use Grande’ do you use it by it’s self or blend it with anything?

Hey! It’s about time to start a “Strangest Pizza that my Customers Loved” thread!

Anyone make a chili or BBQ pizza (inspired by Nick above) that went over great? Oh, wait, start a new thread…

Gezzzzz The grande East Coast Bleand is part Whole and skim…
I have had lots of sucky pizza in NYC
But many made great pizza…
Now I am in the Poconos Pa. area
I feel MOST that make pizza in the Poconos really BLOWS…
The chesse is not as good and as for the Dough,I guess its the water fron NYC…
The Best Pizza I ever had was at Joe and Pats in Staten Island,The chesse was very good and the sause
is the BEST(thats what they say on the food channel}

I ahve always been a frim follower of 50/50 mozz and cheddar thet we shredded our selves from 20kg blocks.

When we recently launched our new range of exotic gourmets we put straight mozz on them (Caboulture brand who sponsor the “Best of the Best” pizza competition in AUstralia). The cheese is more expensive but comes diced. We found it to be extremely good on our new range. Tasting it previously I wasn’t that much impresed with it but after using it on the gourmets I started thinking differently.

Lately I have been really peed off with the way the drivers have been doing the blending / dicing of our cheese. They have not been putting equal amounts in, not pushing down hard enough through the shredder or other things that have affected the finish quality, so I thought I would give the straight mozz from Caboulture a go on all pizzas. It comes in 12kg pre diced bags.

The finish comes out really nice with light brown dotting where the blended one darkens sometimes, plus at times gets a bit oily from the cheddar. The usage is a lot less as it spreads more and most of all the viual is much better. To cap it off we are saving labour time on cutting and shredding. We are now cup measuring where we couldn’t do it before on the shredded blend so control is coming more into the equation, but this has ever been a problem in the past as we have controlled it fairly well free throwing (we don’t put a lot of cheese on our pizzas).

The only taste downside is on a cheese only piza so we add our blend to the straight mozz to give it that little bite that cheddar is knwn for.

No adverse comments from customers but we have had some favourable responses from regulars who have remarked on the improve visual (nothing on taste).

Never, ever thought I would be converted but I am. The little extra cost is outweighed by less cheese used as the spreadability and coverage is excellent.


Oh Gezzzzzz, this Grande AH (Perhaps Rep)is back about cheese… :roll:

Dang, Dave! Now we know why your pizza blows . . . can’t get Grande cheese down when the wombats roam :lol:

yes, but fresh mozzarella made from free-range wombats is far superior to Grande East coast blend…just a little more expensive, due to production issues…