What Brings People into your Restaurant??

Just interested to know, what each one of you would say is the key thing that brings people into your restaurant. Is it service? Amazing Product? Atmosphere? Marketing? Great Staff? Pricepoint?

Actually, being a monopoly brings them in, and the product brings them back and justifies my price point.

How about all of the above?

There’s no doubt that it is a combination of all of these things. They are all important. These are the things that I constantly remind managers to be thinking of during their shift. COMPLETE RESTAURANT AWARENESS !!

We’re the only show in town…

We have the crazy luxury of being the only show in town and …, our closest competitor just died of a heart attack while on his honeymoon and his/her restaurant is not opening for the summer.

Our town has population 600 now but will be 12,000 through the summer with good shoulder season too. It seems like a great place to be but we’re new in this business and I feel tremendous pressure to keep our reputation good. We opened last July 15 and since we now know what’s coming, we’re shaking in our boots. Everyone is so happy to finally have a place to gather that we could probably get away with more than most but we still pride ourselves in having fresh, high quality food. Our pizza is the draw and we need more capacity… looking for more used decks… Hey wait a minute; I’m rambling. Thanks for the opportunity to vent…, C.