what can i pump out of my soda guy?

i know i can get free soda fountains and some signs from my soda guy. what else can i get for free from these billion dollar companies? i’ve heard of pizzerias getting hard cash for their start ups.
(when responding please let me know which company Coke or Pepsi)

I have been offered by Pepsi a few thousand in product allowance to make the switch from Coke, but i have never heard of CASH…let me know though so I can pound my rep over the head if so! lol

my landlord’s son opened a pizzeria in another town a few years ago and he had to keep asking but eventually he got 6K in hard cash from his coke rep. so its been done at least once but i was wondering if anyone else has gotten this. obviously i am not expecting that money at all

I did get hard cash from Coke. It was right around $4,000, paid the day they installed the machine. I don’t think they’re techinally allowed to do that, because it was called a “Marketing Allowance.” The contract states that it should be used for costs associated with making the switch. The only cost I had was a $14.00 menu strip and they knew that.

I had to sign a 7-year contract, but it really wasn’t a problem. I was going to switch anyway, but I was able to get some money out of them by playing them against Pepsi.

That might not work for everyone though; we’re a single-store but have 3 more under development. They were hungry to be the exlusive provider for our entire system. They’re also giving us BIBs for $39.90, which is one hell of a price.

What can i get besides cash. Signs, clocks, tables…? I’ll plaster the store with their logo if it saves me money. The coke guy told me he could help with grand opening stuff like signs and box toppers.

I would bet you could get menu boards from them. I am sure they would have the coke logo all over them but so what.