What cheese do you use and how much you pay for it?

I have been reading this forum for a while now and today it`s my first day posting. I opened recently my first pizzeria and I want to find out what others think of certain cheeses and how much they pay for it. I am based in New Jersey and I buy my cheese from a local distributor. I use their own label of whole milk mozzarella. I currently pay $.22/ lb.

22 cents per pound? Congratulations!

.22 seem high. We’re at .17 on the west Coast.

Umm… yeah… distributor’s name, please?
Kind of a funny story that some of you will think is funny.
About 23 years I bought my first pizza store (franchise) and while working on the break-even a few days before closing I was running numbers (I had already done some calculations and the store was essentially free so the BE was not critical) and after crunching some numbers I said “Oh my god- I’m gonna be raking it in… this is awesome!”
I wasn’t sure where I would spend my first million dollars.
About 10 minutes later I thought… “Food- yes, I will need to buy (and pay for) food”
All of a sudden, the numbers were a bit less impressive.

Brian Williams has changed jobs and is now working in the cheese distribution industry giving quotes on cheese prices :slight_smile:

I think the catch to get that price is you have to use their credit card processing.

My distributor in Savona Stavola. I like them, they seem to be pretty decent but I think the price of cheese is a little high. Thing is that I compared their cheese to the cheese PFG carries and it came out a sure winner.

I use Sorrento whole milk mozz/prov 50/50 blend. I’m at about 2.35 per pound, or .15 per ounce.

Arrizio from Sysco LMPS 1.84lb for Mozz. and 1.91 for Prov.

Buying Arrizio mozzarella for $10.40 for 6 pound block. Works out to $1.73 pound or $0.11 per ounce.

Have you received your first invoice? You may be paying .22 over block( as listed on CME site) but not .22 unless your supplier’s computer has a glitch. .22/oz is too high and I’ve never seen it listed by the ounce.

I`m sorry… I made a mistake on my initial post…I am paying $2.22 / lb. I wish I was paying just .22 / lb;)

I have not looked this week, but we have been between $1.85 and $1.90 for a while.

What brand of cheese do you use, bodegahwy?

Currently i am paying $0.14oz

East coast blend diced 2.77 lb. I’m use to Grande always being higher compared to the price of other brands, but I feel the quality of there cheese justifies the cost. And my guests LOVE it. Plus Grande’ gives me free passes to Pizza Expo which saves me some $$$

Seriously? All i’ve gotten from my Grande rep is some posters, plaques, and box decals. Was your rep’s last name Vandy-Zandy or something like that?
But even if I would’ve gotten free passes, airfare & lodging costs still would’ve sucked

GotRocks. The cost of airfare and lodging is justified by the amount of information and new ideas that I bring back to my restaurant is invaluable. I estimate that I increase my business at least $40,000 a year by what I learn at the Expo, either at the seminars or walking the show floor.

I wanted to make it this year, but I just couldn’t swing it, We are mainly BBQ with pizza a percentage of our overall sales, If I ever go 100% pizza or am able to open a pizza specific shop on top of the circus that I have now, i will be there.

Which sausage and pepperoni do you use from Sysco? Good quality? Switching over to them in a month.