What cheese do you use and how much you pay for it?

Just getting a sample to try from SYSCO is an ordeal.
I even said I pay for the damn samples… just get me some!
Did quite a bit of cheese testing over he past few days;

50/50 M/P
Mozz (straight)
75/25 Mozz/Cheddar
Grande 50/50
Sorrento Mozz/Cheddar
60/20/20 M/P/C
50/40/10 M/P/C

The Grande did have a great melt/color/aroma/taste but so did some of the others and for much less money. Some of the Cheddar ones were great but maybe not to many people- great if you like Cheddar, not so great if you don’t.
I run MM360Q’s so it’s high heat and that’s one of my concerns.

We use Hormel pepperoni and Fontanini mild sausage.