What credit cards do you guys accept?

I currently take VISA/Mastercard and will be taking Amex upon the installation of my new POS in two weeks. What is the consensus for taking other cards such as Discover . . . ?

Why not? It’s the card I use the most due to the cashback offer, and I appreciate shopping at places that accept it.

I dont have a place yet. .i am in the search and decide phase… but to my nowledge out of visa/mastercar/discover/and amex Amex is the most expensive one to accept

We take Visa/Mastercard/Amex/Discover. Amex may be a little more expensive, but if you plan on trying to tap into the pharm rep business at all, you should accept Amex cards. The pharm reps that I have talked to in the past all asked if we accepted Amex.

Just thought that info might help…

I now only take Diners Club, JCB and Carte Blanche. I used to take Amex but nobody uses those any more. :twisted: :lol:

I am with Sara…take all 4 major including AMEX especially for corp. business

Depends on Demographics as whether to accept AMEX or not.

If there are alot of BMW’s, Lexus, Mercedes, etc etc etc I suggest you take it.

Also if you are in an area where Business is done I suggest you take it.

RBS Lynk is one of 2 processors that process Discover for Discover. What does that mean? We handle the Discover transactions form auth to settle and charge the same for V,MC and Disc.

For those of you who are opening New locations we have FANTASTIC New Merchant Pricing.

For those of you with existing stores we have the Best Rates and Customer Service. If I can’t save you money I will let you know.