What days are you closed (if any) and why?

Do you close on a particular day of the week? If so, what day and why? Also, are you closed any holidays or other days of the year?

I close Christmas day and none other. I find the other holidays that most places close a good opportunity to get their customers to try my product. Thanksgiving day sales this year were 75% of a normal Thursday and we were open less than half the hours. As long as I have employees that want to work the holidays, I will continue to be open.

We close on Mondays. It is the slowest day of the week for many pizzeria’s. We have been closed on Mondays for 40+ years. It is a great day for cleaning our deck oven while it is cooled off and other things that I can’t get to while we are open.

We close Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years Day. We make up for it the days prior and afterward. I am sure we could do great business those days but thankfully we can afford to close. Our staff never complains about being closed either.

We are closed Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas. Gives the crew (and me) a chance to spend time with family.

Christmas - This is just a no brainer.

Thanksgiving - my friends at Dominos always say that is one of their busiest days, but I tell them that is because out of the 20 pizza places you are the only one open.

4th of July - We have a huge BBQ for all my employees (with 4 stores) and hold store vs store “Olympic Games” - basically employee appreciation day.

We have a winter version (which is tonight) but only close the stores early “Indoor games”

A few other days we skip lunch - Easter and Mother’s day. And close earlier on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

Whatever you choose being consitent is the key if people know your hours then dont mess with them.

closed EVERY sunday…even superbowl sunday because sundays are better suited to spend time with my family…also close for a week every 6 months for vacation…close most major holidays xmas day, new years day, easter, mem day, 4th July, labor day, thanksgiving,

i know some may call us crazy, but it works for us and our employees have barely any turnover.

We too close Sunday for simple reason to see family and friends, it can’t be all work work work. If turnover would allow a duty manager I would be open 7 days.

Also depends on your competition, if they are closed a certain day then it may open up an oppurtunity for you, although you may find it is just not worthwhile.