What days will you close for 4th of July?

Just wondering what everyone’s plans were for the 4th of July holiday. What days will you be open and what days will you close? We will close on the 4th, but I am thinking that the 3rd will be a slow day too because it is a Monday which is typically a slow day anyway. Don’t know if it would be worth it to be open.

What are your plans?



We will be closed on the 4th only.

Think about it in this sense. You don’t think it will be busy, maybe not worth it to open. How many of YOUR customers do you think will call? How many of these will order from your competition if you are not open? How many of these will become YOUR COMPETITORS customer because you gave them no option but to order from them. Is it not worth running a bit higher labor % to be open the 3rd. Not to mention, it is a great opertunity to steal customer from your competitors who choose to close on Monday.

I guess it depends on the market too. We will be open on Monday, however, the hand full of calls we MIGHT get on Tuesday are not worth the time or energy. My drivers NEED a day off. MY insiders NEED a day off and MY Managers NEED a day off. They will appreciate it. I will enjoy my time OFF, and, my competitors can have any of my customers. WHY??? I know they will be back.

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We stay open thru the holiday because EVERYONE else closes. It is slow around firework time, but rocking before and after all the major firework displays are over…