what desserts you guys doing ?

looking for some new desserts we are doing the dessert pizzas and we have ice cream looking for some ideas we have conveyor ovens, thanks guys


Keep in mind we are not open yet, but have the following on the menu listing so far

  1. Piezookie - 6" deep dish pizza pan filled with cookie dough, hot and fresh out of the oven and topped with ice cream. Perfect for two, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and Oatmeal Rasin
  2. Peppermint Ice Cream Pie - Crushed Oreo cookie crust bottom, a thick slab of peppermint ice cream topped with a thick layer of ganache.
  3. Rootbeer float - The perfect combination to the end of a hot day, your choice of soda.

Brownies…cook great in a conveyor

  1. baklava from greek bakery in Atlanta
  2. Cinnamon pies (pizza)
  3. Tiramisu
  4. Fried brownie bites from McCain like dominoes used to sell baked
  5. vanilla cheesecake
  6. will work on getting cannoli back into the shop this fall

Hi. What’s on your cinnamon pie? We make one that uses our pizza dough, basted with butter and then it’s topped with white & brown sugars, cinnamon and ginger. We bake it lightly and then drizzle it with honey. It’s called “Sugar Pie” after our daughter (how cute)! Thanks for alll your input!

we use liquid margarine on our pizza crust. Tried butter, but too greasy . . . like the water content of margarine. White sugar and a blend of korinji cassia and ceylon cinnamon. The 1st is a Korean cassia (what we know in USA as cinnamon since the Revolutionary War) and the 2nd is often called ‘true’ cinnamon or zeylanicum. The two together can’t be beat . . . if you can find them, and can grind your own cinnamon sticks.

Brownie sundae. Brownie, ice cream, some hershy’s chocolate sauce and if you wanna get all fancy, some chopped nuts on top.

We are just doing cannoli right now. I’d love to do ice cream but I have to get the ok from the company before I start adding menu items. :cry:

We sell Xangos Fried Cheesecake(frozen) rolled in Cinnamon sugar or drizzled with different fruit toppings. Fried Dough pieces with cinnamon or powdered sugar. Spumoni Ice cream. All these items are high profit.
Cannoli and cheesecakes all have a shelf life, you dont sell it within a specific time it’s garbage.

I saw something at a food show that needed to be fried for a desert…is that what this is? I would think that you would need a separate fryer or can you do wings, appetizers and desserts
Thanks for the clarification

you “can” use one fryer to multi-task as long as no fish ends up in there, and it is cleaned regularly. Now consider that part of the wing frying process is rendering chicken fat from the skin. Some may cringe, but the flavor profile you get from oil that has had about 100# of wings go through . . . it cannot be matched by McD or BK. Fry some sweet things in it, and they will get a depth of flavor you cannot get from a conveyor belt.

That said, you can get oils formulated to reduce cross over flavors. Some say they work, and some say they don’t. I use one fryer for it all, and it works out well for me so far, until volume creeps up during the whole week.

Thanks for the ideas folks. For those doing brownies, what are you using? Scratch or a mix of some kind?

The brownie bites from costco work well, but I just found incredible ones at Restaurant Depot made by David’s Cookies whick I think also most vendors stock

Do you bake them or are they ready to serve?

How much does each brownie bite cost? Last year I bought some at a Sysco food show, they were .30 cents each. Hard to compete against Dominos selling them at $3.00 (10) with chocolate sauce. They are very good, but also very rich.

Here ya’ go . . . . USFoods sells the brownie bites in Atlanta for around 16 cents apiece, my cost. I sell eight (8) of them actually for $3.99 with a vanilla dipping glaze (Food cost 36.3% including containers). Should be similar food cost with a chocolate dipping sauce. You could SOOOOOO compete with Dominoes if you can get close to that cost.

We also buy banana foster cheesecake bites and vanilla cheesecake bites . … both fried. Bundle some of all three together 2brownie/2banfoster/1vancheesecake, and call them dolcetti (little sweets) . . . food cost 33.7%. We may adjust that and the borwnies to a slightly higher food cost (and lower selling price) to see if we can move more of them later this summer.

Cheesecake bites?
Sounds like something I’d be interested in- but you said fried - do YOU fry them, or is this something finished and ready? (I have no fryer!)
Full product name and mfg would be helpful - I’ll find them…


we found a GREAT dessert pizza using canoli cream.
we are also throwing around smores at your table…

Pre-battered item that we fry ourselves. The brownies can be baked, and I do not remember about the cheesecake bites. They are from our good friends at McCain Foods USA

Battered Brownie Bites Mfr product # 15010522 USFoods #932045
Banana Rum Foster Cheesecake Bites mfr product # 15010521 USFoods #932046
Vanilla cheesecake bites I don’t know

Try this website http://www.mccainsweetclassics.com/ for the 411 on their products. they even have a rebate fro trying the products before September.