What do the Chains pay Delivery Drivers?

Does anyone know what the chains pay (or how they pay) their delivery drivers? Like PizzaHut, Dominos, Papa Johns…

Do they pay “regular” minimum wage, or “tipped employee” minimum wage… taxed on ALL of their tips, or no taxs on tips… extra $ for each delivery taken or no?

Thanks all!

PJ near us used to pay regular minimum wage plus $1.00 per delivery. The charge to the customer was $1.50. Taxes on the credit card tips.

They recently raised the delivery charge to $1.90 but I do not know what they did for the driver.

In my area:

PH - Regular min wage and $1.25/delivery
PJ - Regular min wage and $1.30/delivery
Dominos - .80 below min wage and .41 per mile

Correct me if i’m wrong, but don’t the delivery drivers at the majority of these chains also Cook & take phone orders as well?

They are expected jump in and help and often the closing cleanup.

just found out that one domnios franchisee is payong his drivers $5 and then a differnt delivery fee for each del
ex: if the driver takes a triple he gets $1.50 for 1st stop 1.15 for 2nd stop and .80 for 3rd stop

what kinda rip off is this

he also lost 20 deivers in 2 stores because of this

I pose this question because if you go onto the Dominos site and look at the job decriptions, there are no “cooks”, just the order takers (CSR’s) and Drivers.

Depending on the amount of deliveries the drivers recieve on average, that type of pay may give the drivers some good $$. I know i have problems with drivers moaning they don’t get paid enough and what have you… but once you calculate out their average tips, minus the gas (via mileage), and their low hourly pay, they average between $11.50-$20 an hour.

If these kids (even adults) could understand this, then they would be set… but they dont. no matter how much you explain, the majority will never understand…