what do u think?

Ive been here at my store for 9 months.Every week is starting to get better. I finally hit my record 4400.00 this week. (thanks to Jrock and others giving me advice.) Anyway I got a guy Ive been selling cheesecakes for and they are selling very well I came up with an idea, the guy that makes them is willing to come bake at my store at night between 10p.m. to 6a.m. and pay half of my rent, electric, and gas. He has other accounts so hell be running his biz out of my store only after hours,the store will not be open but he will be able to bake for his other accounts. all of my bills will be half of what they are right now if he comes in to use the store at night. Basicallly hes renting the place from me while I am asleep. What do you think of the pros and cons? Or has any1 ever did this?

sounds like a plan to pursue to me
just make sure he will be responsible and liable,

and that your insurance is ok with this,
and your landlord is ok with this,
and your stock is secure,
and you have an agreement about equipment
and you have cctv - so you can see what happens when your not there!!!

the list goes on

however, sounds like a good opportunity as long as you are prepared

keep your eye on your supplies if you do it. Things may tend to dissappear…

How well do you know him? Can you trust him? If you can you are in a win - win situation of course your utility cost are going to go up a bit and you will have some wear and tear on your equipment but if he is willing to pay half it sounds fair. Make sure you put aside some of that money for the extra expenses and you will be in good shape.

I’ve been trying to find somebody to lease my kitchen at night for almost a year. Think about all that capital you have laying there doing nothing for 20 hours per day or so.

My mixer gets run for roughly 20 minutes everyday. The rest of the time I have $6,000 siting there doing nothing. That’s the definition of bad investment, but one that is unfortunately required.

Like others said above, dot your I’s and cross your T’s… but if insurance, landlord and trust all work out this is a great thing to do.

I suggest you check to see if your cheese cake supplier is preparing his product in his home kitchen.
If so he may not have a facility that conforms to health department regulations.If his kitchen is not licensed by the health department and someone gets sick after eating his product you could have a big problem on your hands.
George Mills

Ditto here. If you do your due dilligence for insurance and security, you trust the guy, and can lock up your pantry goods, I’d think it is a great idea. YOu bear a lot of liability, so get legal advice and hold harmless release from him. Mysterious fall at 4am could become a lawsuit in this litigious society.