What do you consider to be a banging business???

I was reading the thread about marketing tips for a banging busniess and i was wondering what kind of weekly sales you consider to be a banging business, so i have a point of refference.

I consider my 2 stores to be almost banging i guess. We average about 12k a week at my new store and about 10k a week and my old store ( by old i mean 1 year old)

I am rather happy with my sales. I would like to see 15k a week but i think with my rent under 2500 for both stores combined and pay roll under 15k a month total for both stores, that we are doing ok

Looking for some feed back on what a “banging business” is

I first thought was to say a banging business would have to have sales over the average Domino’s and Pizza Hut. With labor and food costs under 50% of sales. :smiley:

My second thought was to say a banging business should give you a six figure income these days. :smiley:

But I really think that if you have a banging business you are happy and satisfied no matter how the books look. :smiley:

I can respect that.

Do you have an idea of what an average dominos does a week or month? i would guess the national average for a dominos is 50k a month

My food and labor range from 50-55% never higher

joker what is the population of your service area and what kind of town is it (college, tourists, etc).


To me “bangin” is unique to the market and buildout. Bangin in 600 square feet in a small town sit down is very different from bangin in 2000 square feet in a major campus delco.

For us bangin is Christmas week. 1600 square foot delco in a resort market. In a good year we will do 30K in a week but we only get to do that one week per year. Otherwise, anything above 15K per week is quite good.

I am in the suburbs of ny. With the cost of living so high, a banging business I’d say would be about 20k a week. Not to say my pArtner and I don’t make a decent living on 500k a year but I want to be rich. Not comfortable.

my new store is in a town with a population of 30k. with a average income of 30k. There is a domions that does over 100k a month, I know cause i hired the manager, a papa murphys that does about the same, and 4 other mom and pop places and me. And we have been doing really well in my book. Yes we have a Community college but its only 1500 people and we dont go there much

My other store is in a retirement town 20 miles away were the average age is 62, yes the average and the average income is 55k. And we a have a domions and a papa murphys, Pizza factory went out of business 1 year after we opend up, and there is 2 other mom and pop places and US.

Of course, there are a lot of variables (mostly pricing) and I think you’re more than aware of that. For my business concept, I have to do $3500/wk to break even with me working 40+ hours a week. That includes a very large mortgage and equipment loan payment. Although I was lucky to hit 3K/wk when we took over, we’re very comfortable now. I think we’ll peak at about 7K/wk, I don’t think our small kitchen can handle much more volume than that.

But, with our model and what our family needs, I don’t think either my wife or I would need to work at that volume.

The latest figures I saw where close to that. I think it was 660K per year. Thats about 55k per month.

50-55% is great. I am between 50-55% as well. I will hit about 880K this year. '09 was 799k.

Are you 1 store or 2?

We have 2.

You should be making about 25% profit if your doing 880k a year in one location

I have 1 store. 25% is right. I am thinking about another location in 5 years or so. Depending on the right people will be the main factor for another “banging business”.

If you’re making enough money and are happy with what you’re doing, then you’ve got a bangin’ business!