What do you do with your hot screens?

This an issue that has perplexed me from day one and I have never found the perfect way of dealing with this operational issue.

We basically have enough screens to get though our entire rush. At least a couple hours worth. That way the pizza guys don’t have to slow down to restock the screens or wait for some to cool down. But then the pile up screens becomes an issue. We used to put them in a an empty cheese box, but it looked total ghetto. A couple of years ago I switched it to a large stock pot. Clean looking, easy to clean, looks professional, problem solved. But no! We are using the Lloyd quick disk and the the metal on metal as they are getting tossed in the stock pot is chipping the edges of the screens.

How do you guys handle “screen management”


We have 50 Lloyd quick disks in out primary size and 25 or so in our other sizes. On a busy day, these will last less than an hour. At one store we drop these in a 6" deep full steam table pan(lined with a piece of cardboard to keep the noise to a minimum. Every thirty minutes or so the screens are dumped o a table, sorted and placed in screen rack at slap table. We’ve been using the Lloyd disks for over 5 years and I doubt I can find a singe chip on any of them. I would contact Lloyd Pans and see if you might have gotten a bad batch.

we grab the hot screens, occasionally burn each other in passing to the screen rack,i’m glad you posted this David ! i have read here Lloys discs are a superior product, one of the reasons i didn’t purchase them was they seemed too hot to handle after coming out of the oven,do u grab them with your hands? or use a tool ? what kind ? or do they cool quickly enough to grab them with bare hands ?

The screens from Lloyd Pans do not cool down like regular mesh screens and you will not be grabbing them with your hands as they exit the oven. We pick the screen up off of the conveyor belt using the peel and place the screen into bin to cool.

I love the Lloyd disc and I will never go back to the mesh screens. That being said. Those bad boys are hot coming out of the oven. There is no knock it off the conveyor by hand with these guys. On top of that they will stay hot for a good 15 minutes or more if they are piled on top of each other. That’s the only con I have found with them ( except maybe the price ). We lift them up off the belt with the peel.

i know you guys do some awesome volume, the other nite we were short so i sliced, 2 decks mm540 it was tough keeping up with the wings, g bread,calzones,how do you guys do a triple stack ? two guys ? i don’t think i could keep up !!! cooks absolutely love burying the boss !!!

ordered a hearth bake disc ( tom lehmann recommended) you guys are using the quick discs, any differences ???

we use the mesh right now but are going to test the disk out, heard a lot of amazing things from them.

We run 55 inch chambers at 6 minutes. For the most part anyone with a few months experience can handle pulling 2 ovens. We have only had a few people over the years that can do 3 ovens by themselves. I certainly can’t. When we run 3 ovens it becomes a 2 person job. 1 guy will handle the peel, pull pizzas out, clear screens, pull up boxes and keep the area stocked. The 2nd guy will cut and match up tags. They communicate throughout. The puller will notify the cutter of what pizzas are coming out next so the cutter can eyeball the tags to match them up a little ahead of time. We can do 250 pizzas an hour using this system.

The person pulling the oven sticks labels on boxes and tells the drivers what runs to dispatch. Two 60 inch chambers can get a little difficult if full for extended periods of time if runs or carryout pizzas are stacking up. Lack of space for cooked pizzas makes keeping things organized crucial. Once the third oven is on, a second person helping out is a must.

are u guys sheeting or hand tossing at those volumes???

We hand toss at my stores. I’ve never sheeted pizza but from what I understand it does not speed up the process.

All hand tossed

We use a big bin under the table, when we run low on screens we’ll let the hot screens stack up on the cut table while we empty the bin. We have enough screens to last 30 - 45 minutes on a busy night