What Do You Have For Dessert?

What do you offer for dessert? Dessert is often overlooked but dessert is truly add-on sales Id like to know what everyone else has.
We always have cannoli, cookies, and beignets. We have cakes here and there (Tiramisu,Cheesecake,Carrot cake, lemoncello)

-Chocolate cannoli
-Raspberry beignets
-Sweet street chocolate chunk cookie
-Sweet Street salted caramel cookie
-Sweet street rice krispie

cinnamon knots,
knots have to be pushed in oven, full screen. I make the cream myself, whirl, powderd sugar and cinnamon.store in 3.5 oz cups in lowboy. add knots and cream in mixing bowl.
lemon cake
cheese cake
choclate cream pie

Awesome! Ive been looking for a dessert that uses the oven.

Is the homemade cream easy to make? I wanted to try it. Id like to serve it on the side and allow the customers to dip or drizzle on our beignets

I have Zeppolis, and dessert pizzas: Oreo, S’Mores

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What do you use to put the powder sugar on you zeppoli?

I do cookie cake! Its fast fits perfect in the oven and a great upsell.

Gooey butter cakes (Various and #1 seller)
Brownies and cookies
Local Ice cream supplier.
Keto and Gluten Free various desserts .

Cinnamon dessert pizza
Apple Cinnamon dessert pizza
Smore’s pizza.

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I dont know why but the name alone with Gooey Butter cakes sounds so delicious!! Awesome!

I don’t do powder sugar, I use a cinnamon/sugar mixture then I drizzle them with customers choice of: Raspberry syrup, chocolate, or honey.

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Gooey Butter Cake is a Midwest dessert. (St. Louis mainly) and is delicious for sure.

I recommend looking up a recipe and experimenting.

They sell very well.

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We have a bakery in-house so some of our items would probably be less applicable. But at all locations we serve Dolce (dessert) pizzas, and do seasonals as well:

Apple Crisp
Cherry Crisp
Cinnamon Roll (as pizza)

Seasonals include:
Holiday: apples and cranberries
Summer Crisp: peaches and blueberries
Harvest: pumpkin and walnut

Currently, we have:
(Year Round)
-Dessert Cinnamon & Sugar Sticks w/ Icing
-Cookies that we bake from frozen
-Special-K Bars that we make in-house and sell in large-size bar form
-S-mores *Endzone (*Our name for Calzone)

I have thought about adding an Apple Endzone/Pizza or some other fruit pie mixture but have not pulled the trigger. We also used to sell Tiramisu but didn’t sell enough to make it worth keeping on the menu.

Cannoli, cinna bites, cinnamon twist.