What do you offer for a slice lunch special

So i was just wondering if you guys sell slices at lunch and what you charge for them, and you much you sell of them

We do 2 slices of pizza and a 16 oz fountain soda for 4.60. we sell about 12 18inch pizzas a day cut into 8 slices each pizza.

this works out great for the construction guys. but i am thinking about raising the price to 5.00 the first of the year

Let me know what you guys offer


Tanner Stephens
Cucina Pizza.

Slices come from a 16" 8 cut.

2 slices w/1 topping or cheese and a 20 oz. drink $3.99

we have two lunch specials with slices

2 slices and a 16 oz drink for $4.95
1 slice, regular house salad and a 16oz drink for $5.95

we strech a 18" and cut into 6 slices

That’s a big slice ! NYC style.

I always thought pizza and a salad was such a great combination. It’s too bad none of my customers thought it was. We ran a Large 1-Topping and your choice of a salad(we offer ceasar, grilled chicken, antipasta, garden and mediterranean in a 32oz. plastic bowl) during the springtime for $14.99. We sold very few :frowning: .

we make 18 inch slice pies

we sell 2 sl 1 top and medium drink for $3.74

sometimes we sell 4 slicepies somettimes 10 12 it all depends

but im thinking about raising the price to $5 tax included because they make a big deal about a TO GO CUP that we charge a $1 … i ahte some customers :slight_smile:

I’m finally going to start our Slice business on Tuesday. We’re going to do $1.50 per slice (with fountain drink purchase) or $2 per slice (without). Crossing my fingers that this goes well.

I would urge you to reconsider the two tiered priceing. Just offer a special with a slice and a soda. Why should I have to pay more for a second slice?

How about:

$x.xx per slice
$x.xx for two slices and a drink
$x.xx for slice, side salad and a drink

What are you doing to promote the fact that you’re now selling slices starting Tuesday ?


do you sell a second pizza for more? a second slice is in a way another pizza…

We sell a slice for $1.25 in a 16" pizza cut into 8 slices. I’m going to raise it to a $1.50 per slice at the beginning of the year. I’m still working on trying to get coke or pepsi fountain in here as well so i can do a 2 slice and a pop special. We’re also thinking of trying a pizza buffet on Monday or Tuesday, advertise it up, but I still need the fountain pop to make it worth while.

I discount the second pizza. As a customer, I would be pissed about paying $1.50 for the first slice(because I bought a soda) and $2.00 for the second.

we do indy pizza (7 inch) and a coke for 4.99
add a side salad for a dollar