What Do You Offer On Door Hangers?

What do you promote on your door hangers?

I’ve been doing #1 and #2, but thinking about working towards more of a hybrid of #2 and #4.

Family Meal Deals

As you all know, I’m not a pizza owner. But I do design A LOT of sticky note door hangers. I would say that most of the door hangers that we design feature add on coupons. Buy one, get one half off. Buy a pizza get breadsticks free, that sort of thing. Next up would be meal deals - eg. a pizza, a salad, and a 2-liter for $X.


Before you jump into the fire with offers by the popular vote in this forum, I’d like to caution you by reminding you that not all delivery areas are the same. So the best advice I can give you is to study the demographics of your delivery area before you make any decisions on offers.

For example: Why would you offer a medium one topping and a 20 oz. drink for $9.99 when 95% of your area is filled with families with an average income of $100k/yr and 2 school aged children in the home?

In this scenario it would be best to offer open ended specials where the customer still has control over the finished product.

Examples: Buy 1 get 1 half price, some kind of combination of a specialty and a 1 topping… maybe add a side item into the offer.

These specials are open ended because pricing will always be close no matter which product mix is chosen, but the customers still have the flexibility to order what they want instead of being locked into a predetermined special controlled by the lack of vision by the pizzeria owner.

Also, make sure your doorhanger is attention-grabbing on the front without much clutter. You only have seconds to capture a potential customer’s curiosity. Full color glossy and product shots have proven successful in my experience.

Hope this helps,

  • J_r0kk