What do you tell the guy who drops a $28 pizza?

I had that happen last night in a really bizarre occurance. We have a 21 topping, 16 inch pizza that sells for $28, and it is heavy. It’s like 6.5# precooked weight. Well it comes out of the oven last night and it falls to the ground. It’s night like you thing . . . . the peel handle snapped right where the wood meets the aluminum, and the pie lands flat on the ground with the peel flat under it :shock: The pie is nearly pristine, just a very little slide.

Sure, we don’t sell floor-entine pizzas, so we remake it. The guy had this shocked and embarrassed look on his face. I made no issue of it at all. I can afford to remake mistakes, and my food cost is only about $10 for the pie, and I still made $7.31 after making two of them. More important to me was the guy doing his job, and took immediate action to tell me and ask direction. We called customer, told them the story, got the new pizza in the oven . . .

. . . and started taking pictures. We’re gonna use it as an advertising comapaign for that pizza . . . “Our Train Wreck is so big it broke our peel”. We’ll keep the peel as an artifact and display it somehow. Sure, it was a 5 year old peel that we had put wood screws into several times to tighten it back up, but don’t let facts get in the way of a good story!

Hello Nick,lol,I love the advetising thought on this situation.I can see the peel hanging in front of the store now w/ a little story connected to it.Oh and by the way I have the 120 second rule when my pizza hits the ground :wink:

                                Niccademo   [keep your dough off da cieling]

I’ll bet we sell 10 more of these pies in the next month just from the story . . . enough profit ($173) to buy a case of pizza peels and cover the lost $10 cost of food on the original dropped pie.

That 120 second thing is almost funny . . . if not for my ‘confessions’ post. I can rescue a lot of stuff off the floor in 120 seconds.

We have some ex Maccas and the like staff and they all swear by the “5 second” rule they were told to use.

My motto is “If it hits the floor, i’ts out he door”.

Nick when I read your topic title my first reaction from a dumbass, small bus, low IQ moron was “pick it up” :stuck_out_tongue: ( you started it :lol: )


The “Train Wreck” is now the “Peel Wreck”.

I hope you guys are kidding about using things that have hit the floor. It’s a proven fact that as soon as food hits the floor it becomes blanketed in bacteria and other nasty things. Even for a second. In fact they say the softer the food the more it picks up from the floor. Say… frozen dough ball versus a freshly toasted panini sub. :wink:

You correct to a degree, if it touches the floor it gets covered in bacteria BUT if you get to in 5 seconds you can blow them off or wipe them off with your apron - its true it really is! ask your local health inspector! :slight_smile:

How’s about I ask your local health inspector and let him know that you believe that ?! lol

One place I used to deliver for had the moto “If it hits the floor cook it more” and another place the policy was to give it to the drivers to eat. There was one place that had no stop at the end of the conveyor and at times the pizza would land on the floor up sidedown. They would take a piece fo cardboard and slide it under the pan and flip it over. the next step would be to put a little more cheese on it and put it back in the oven then send it out. (I quit a $250 a night driving job because of this)

I called the grammar police, they’ll be arriving any minute. They will have the “huh?” paramedics with them. :slight_smile:

It’s an Italian thing . . .

What Mr. Sasso meant to say is, “It’s not like you think”. I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming and . . . a man with three buttocks.

hey nick whats all on your train wreck and how well does it sell?

Dough, sauce cheese:

black olive
green olive
bell pepper
sliced tomato
banana pepper
chopped garlic
roasted garlic
artichoke heart

We sell about 4 to 5 of them a week . . . . $28 for 16", 6.5# precooked (37% food cost) version and $19.50 for 12", 5# precooked version (39% food cost). It fits into our train town heritage and the train wreck that happened downtown in the 70’s.