what do you think about food trailers?

im thinking of purchasing a new food trailer that i can call the mobile italian grill.does anyone have experiencein this area and what kind of sales can you expect from this type of business. im looking at a 8x18 trailer full kitchen $30k. friend owns empty lot on state hwy about 7k cars a day. pop 13k in town 15k nieghbor towns.Taffic consist of 60% contractors .the lot was a restuarant(now demolished) we were going to open but plans have stalled and not looking to good.if the town gives a permit would this sound like a good idea.We are still going to open a store but now across town at his other building so i would say i have a year with the trailer and if it worked would keep it.


You’ve got a good idea. I was actually thinking the same thing. I just don’t have the funds yet to justify purchasing anything like that. However, once a trailer is purchased, you can bet I’ll be going into smaller markets to “gauge” the potential business. Also, small festivals will be an easier market to conquer as well.

If you’ve got the cash to do this, I’d recommend it. The trailer will pay for itself within a year with a well thought out plan. Otis Gunn would be your contact in this venue. This is what he does for a living.


My hometown has a “chow wagon”. I think it’s a local concept. It’s one of those storage buildings like you’d buy at Lowe’s. There’s running water, a window, and enough cold storage for a day or two of food. The owner keeps extra refrigerated product at his house. Most everything is deep fried and I’d bet all of it comes in a bag pre-breaded. There’s a grill for burgers and a tabletop pizza oven (frozen pizza). You MIGHT squeeze two people in there. There’s no restroom. But it’s fairly busy, considering the tight quarters. The “dining room” is an outdoors picnic table.

You’re discussing a palace compared to this place. So, yes, the concept will work. Limit your menu and make sure most everything goes in multiple products.