What do you think of this Contest

Well I can’t get the sauce out of the veins so I am starting to reopen again. Only 1 problem didn’t re register my name “Fatboys Pizza” so after I closed last year another guy in a town about 49 miles away renamed his place Fatboys Pizza & Wings. he services the army base there. So people would have issues and google Fatboys Pizza and get my Yelp and Urbanspoon info and call my cell and complain so I have decided to change the name. Since we are re-opening in the same town I am using Facebook check this out and tell me what you think

FYI the school mascot is the Indians



soon not to be “The Fat Boy”


I like the idea, as it will create a lot of hype. I do not know if this was on the page (but I didn’t see it), make sure to have a clearly visible disclaimer as to what “Free Pizza for A Year” means (1 pie a day? A week, no limit?). Otherwise I see it potentially becoming a problem if the winner decides to be a jerk.

there’s always “The Original Fat Boys Pizza & Wings” to consider :slight_smile:


We are in a small town. Only one high school, middle school, and so forth… The mascot is a bobcat, thus Bobcat Planet Pizza. The best marketing decision that I have ever made. Our shop is a delco and the lobby is decorated with the team colors, jerseys, cheer leader outfits, newspaper clippings, etc. We are giving Pizza Hut a run for the money and growing every month. Facebook is www.facebook.com/bobcatplanetpizza[/url] and the website although very simple and will be modernized soon is [url=http://www.bobcatplanetpizza.com]www.bobcatplanetpizza.com. Good luck and I wish you MUCH successs.

Call it Real Pizzas and I will sell you the domain names for it that I hold :smiley:
Part of my retirement exit plan :lol:
Good luck with the re-opening venture

Thanks guys for the replys

also Bobcat I have been meaning to stop by i am just 90 miles away and my family lives in Ponder

hopefully can soon

I look forward to meeting you. My wife and I live here in Krum but my wife’s parents live in ponder.