What do you think of this crazy idea?

I was sitting in my office going over some marketing ideas and this came to me out of the blue. Customers often ask what is the most popular pizza I sell. What if I put a Pie Chart (pun intended) on the wall that showed the types of pizzas and their percentage of sales.
Maybe even do someting that could promote a pie of the week like Help out the BBQ Chicken pizza it wants a bigger piece of the pie!

Any thoughts?

I might consider this angle…

Whatever PREMIUM pizza is voted most popular that MONTH, if a customer ordered that pizza the month it was most popular, their next order gets 2 bucks off that month with proof of past purchase (reciept, or just POS recognition), only good for the month of the winning pizza.

Or you could break it down to every week, but that might be more work…

If you had an LCD monitor that displays content, you could put up a video of that pie coming out of the oven, getting cut and in the box or on a plate, sizzle etc. It wouldnt be tough to make such a video, most digital cameras have movie abilities and you can loop a video and make it full screen using most video programs.

Or you could make the chart into a competition wheel ( we call them chocolate wheels - the ones like they use on the tV games shows) where the customer spins the arrow and where it lands they get that pizza. It could be done as a promotion with free or discounted pizza of the one where the arrow landed - or you could charge them double the price if they land on the one they ordered :twisted:


I’ve always been a fan of the “pie/pizza of the week”. Its a great way to to introduce your customers to a new/different type of pizza, while adding some interest or excitement to your existing menu. I also like to do a Monday night special to help perk up those otherwise slow Mondays.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

LOVE the idea I am using it for my new Dessert Program!! Went to Kinkos and had them mount and laminate it. Was $40 for a 4’ x 4’ color printed mounted laminated.

Has only helped one customer so far, but helps people if they are on the ropes about what to order I think.