What do you think of trying this?

I read an article and was wondering what your guys (gals) thoughts are on doing it with the staff.


Things have been slow at or new place and everyone is begining to lag and become complacent, stagnet. Trying to stir the pot a bit so they understand why simple marketing, customer service and production are crucial not only when we are slow but how it effects business. Etc.

Let me know your thoughts



I did something similiar with my staff. Some got it and showed genuine care. Others said ok, but I knew it didn’t hit home for them. But I can go back to the metaphor at any time when they ask me for raises, more hours, etc. I can say, “Well, remember that dollar I taped to the whiteboard…” I think putting things into layman’s terms is always the best way to go.

I think it is an excellent idea. You must get the employees into the same mindset as you are or you will always be riding herd on them.

I would also make the point that the same cents for labor (following the example) can be divided among 4 average employees or 3 productive employees, their choice. If they become more productive, you will be able to pay them more.