What Do You Think?

I am thinking about doing a special promotion based on the Willy Wonka method. I’m thinking of giving out 5 prizes,placing the “tickets” in 5 of the pizza boxes and then running a 2 week promo on it. What do you guys think? Any advice on this?

Do you invite those lucky ticket holders to take a tour of your factory and a chance to take the operation over ??

“I want a ever-lasting garlic knot !”

There has to be a “no purchase necessary” form of entry or it might be viewed as a lot-tery (had to get around the word censor) and therefore highly illegal. I ain’t a lawyer but it’s something to brush up on before you try such a thing. If MY competitor made a slip-up like that and I could capitalize on it, I would. (I miss nakedbulldog).