What do You Use Doors or Drawers?

What do you prefer on your refrigerated tables doors or drawers?

I’ve recently just bought a unit with drawers and I love it. I love it so much im considering selling my other units that have doors and replacing with drawers.

I noticed those the other day, while looking at Kicthen Monkey(generic equipment w/free shiping)

I thought to myself, why would you want that.

Pros: you dont have to kneel down to reach the thing
all the way in the back.
easier to clean

Cons: trip hazard, everyone has to get out of the way to open door, I wonder does it seal properly

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The reason im liking the drawers is bc they keep the pans organized just like top of the unit, enabling us to have more ingredients in a smaller space.

With the doors, every morning I find random things lodged in the back of the unit (1/4 bag of spinach, half drank soda, etc) i know they didn’t realize it was there. They are just too lazy to actually bend down and look.

The drawers eliminate that problem. Im a little worried about the moving parts breaking quickly

Is it possible to have a picture of the unit

I have a 5 ft 4 drawer freezer worktop, so it’s not a makeline but we’ve used it for over 2 years now and it’s been great. Keep some of our fryer stuff in it

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In my experience the drawers do not last as long as the doors. So I prefer the doors.

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prep tables I prefer doors (much more storage volume)
chef base (drawers) less walking

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