What do you wear to work?

I wear jeans and a logoed polo in the winter and khaki cargo shorts and a polo in the summer. I am thinking about wearing something different. I don’t know what though. I think I would get more respect from my employees if I had a different look.

I dont wear the same thing as my staff. We have polo’s with our name and logos for the staff, but I usually just have on jeans a nice logo tee or solid color long sleeve hanes tee shirts. Sumer time its cargo shorts and a nice t-shirt. Also Croc’s.
Doesn’t pay to wear something nice cause I end up as, if not more a mess than my staff.

I wear the same thing year-round.

Tan baseball hat with logo on front.

Polo shirt with logo.

Khaki shorts with belt.


BTW You don’t get respect from you employees through your choice of outfit.

We all wear the same - our own “corporate” uniform. Black jeans or shorts, black polo with logo (red) on front and big red “Pizzzazz” across the back, black baseball cap with logo (mini chef cap for makebench) and dark shoes. The female top is a slim fit v neck top and they wear either long pants or 3/4 pants in summer.

All makebench staff wear apron with logo on it as well.

All very professional looking and keeps everything in line with our branding which is evident from our neon light above the store, front window signage, front counter “Pizzazz” signage through to our menu.


black or gray chef coat & check chef shorts…its Florida man…’:roll:’

Our uniform of choice is a thong and a halter top for the girls and no one cares what the guys wear because no one is looking at them. haha just kidding. nice trademarked polo and khaki shorts or pants, black or white shoes and an apron for the line workers.

Kinda curious about all the shorts. I know it is hot, but hairy legs seem out of place. But I am in Texas and would hate to make people wear hot clothes… nor does my fatness want to wear them either. We are thinking about dark, loose fitting chef pants and short sleeved polo shirt. We are still looking. As most of the rest of the shops have really sloppy looking employees, we want to look sharp. Still working on it…

I wear black pants by ChefWorks. 5 Pocket cargo style. I have three pair cut off at the pockets for long shorts in warm weather. We have company t-shirts, and chef hats. I have a collection of stylish colorful hats that are recognizable. the rest of the staff wears white ones. Staff wears long pants in winter and shorts in summer.

What’s wrong with fat and hairy legs ??? That’s me to a tee. :oops:

I wear long leg shorts which are probably normal short length for other people because of the heat. People get a laugh out of this funny little fat guy with short hairy legs sticking out from a pair of oversize shorts. :stuck_out_tongue:

What some people have to do to entertain customers. :smiley:

Gets a laugh too when people ask me where Snow White is.


pretty much the same as everyone else here… jeans and logo golf shirt during winter and khaki shorts with the golf shirts in summer. employees have logoed tees.

About the same for me as well.

Trademark logo ball cap, trademark polo, and then khaki colored pants or shorts (my choice, any time of year…and honestly, I wear shorts or capris exclusively…I get too hot too quickly) and then shoes don’t matter as long as closed toes and heels…but they do make an exception for Crocs.

Oh yeah, and an apron.

The one thing they do, but let me slide by with, is wearing shirts tucked in. I guess it’s because I wear an apron…but, ask most fat people to tuck in their shirt…yeah…you get the picture.

I know I’m not super fat…but I have tumors in my uterus that make my tummy bulge out more than it should be…and if I tuck in my shirt, it looks like I’ve stuffed the top of my pants with a pillow. Highly embarrasing.

So, I wear an apron, and keep the shirt un-tucked.

Hey 5’11" and 340 lbs here and I tuck my shirt in. The key is to have pants that fit properly and you won’t look stuffed. Untucked makes a fat person look worse.

With regards to hairy legs. If you’re concerned from the sanitation aspect, the hair on your arms and hands is much more likely to end up in a pizza than your leg hair.

Here’s my suggestion… look at your Fed Ex guy’s shorts. They come down close to the knee (if he’s wearing corporate issue). That’s what I consider to be a great length for shorts in a business environment. While Hooters (and their knock-offs) make money selling tight shirts and short shorts, I’m not sure that’s what I’d want my business to be known for.

I do have properly fitting pants, Dewar…it’s my proportion.

I’m odd shapen in the middle because of the huge tumors. They’re not cancer…but still, they make me look weird the way I’m shaped.

Trust me, I look much better with an un-tucked shirt…at least there, I can appear “streamlined” some…rather than chesty, slender upper torso, then…inner-tube. haha