What does it cost you to make a 16" Thin Pizza?

Well I finally had some time to sit down and figure out exaclty how much in materials it costs my to make a 16" Thin Cheese pizza.

Crust: .21
Sauce: .22
Cheese: 1.66
Total: $2.09

I can’t really figure out how to factor in the cost of gas (for the oven)

So I wanted to know, is this about the same cost the rest of you are hitting? Or is this to high/low?

btw, my latest cheese price was $2.45 per #

I AM AT ABOUT $2.70 FOR A 16"

Gotcha, at least i know i’m right around the correct range then… what do you sell a 16" thin for? i’m at $13.00

I’m close to the same ( my dough may be a little more expensive/thicker) but pretty close minus box, labor and gas
I get 11.00 and 1.50 for toppings ( 2.00 for extra cheese)