What does the pizza business mean to you?

It’s a given that the pizza business is a means to make a living, but I would lover to hear your thoughts on what the pizza business means to you on a personal level. What do you love most about the pizza business?

If i say For myself then food till perfection
And ofcourse untill the mind is not fully saying yes we did it,Its not the perfection.
But on the other side perfection needs customers too.
Perfection needs reward too.

That’s great Raj. If you don’t mind, a follow-up question. What are the tangible and intangible reasons you strive for perfection?

To me the pizza business is family. This is to say my staff are family, my customers are family, and most important my colleagues in this business are family.

The staff I have had over the years stay in touch even though they have moved on with their lives. I get updates on their ever changing lives.

The customers are family as they tell me about their joys and sorrows, their accomplishments and dreams.

The people in the pizza industry are the most caring and giving people I have ever had the pleasure of associating with. Before I became part of the pizza family I had never dreamed of the closeness you can have with someone on the other side of the world. I have been invited into peoples homes and shared meals with friends who I had never met.

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So true Daddio. Thank you for your reply!