What does your office look like?

To those of you who have an office, what does it look like. How large is it, and what takes place there. I am thinking of creating some space for my tax/marketing needs, and wondered what others were like.

no office…I work from briefcase…2 small filing cabinets under the POS

Mine consists of a laptop, and a drawer of papers.

I have an old walk in in my basement that we use as an office…it has a tv a couch and this desktop im writing on right now. its prolly 12x12x9. Im here for about 90 hours a week so i have a space to do all the bills paperwork…some times just unwinding is good

Have a door utility room that converted to office it is good size.
I have my DVR for camera system in there. Can watch what is going on in store. Also have my desk top in the office.
have attach desk on wall and some shelves for storage for my paper work and pmq mags and other cooking books.
I come in here to talk to you guys and for a moment of peace.
Its good to have this to do paperwork and keep some extra change and money in locked office.

24x12 room includes the following: a desk with comp., couple of filing cabinets, secutity monitoring system and a universal gym.

24’ x 12’…That is huge…I used to run a delivery and take out place in 15’ x 30’…And it did not really have an office…Just a cabinet with a drop leaf that could be used as a desk top…

it is above my shop on the second floor

a mess

An even bigger mess. Just ask my wife. No she will tell you anyway. :frowning:

It’s the study at our house.


My office at the store is 7x8 with a 5x5 corner style desk that has 2 computers(one is the POS server) and the security monitor. there is a shelf all the way around the office at the 6 foot level where I keep all the paperwork and office supplies. I have 2 office chairs, a 4 drawer filing cabinet and a paper shredder to finish filling the giant mess.

I won’t even get in to the one at home that is lovingly refered to by my dear wife and the Katrina Room.

Actually, a hurricane may very well make mine look more organized and usable :shock:

Office at work is 10X5 2 desks, shelf for store sound system, security system and a book case. Home office is 15X20 with a walk in closet 2 computers 2 large book cases, easy chair, coffee table, filling cabinet and a place for my coca cola collectibles cause my wife wont let me display them anywhere else (they dont match her decor)

Mine is 10x12 with 2 desks, server, desktop, printer and networking gear. Also has associated paperwork/filing cabinet. The home office is 10x15 with server cabinet, 3 servers, filing cabinet and bookshelf. Also has a shelf running at 6’ level all the way around the room full of books. 3 computer desks (the wifes is in here as well). Home office looks like a tornado went through it. My book shelf is full of misc. computer parts. Never know when you will need to repair a POS. Also has an HP all in one inkjet, and a HP network color laser.