What dough method is this? Old School?

I worked in a pizzeria back in high school and I would make the dough but it appears the process of making dough, dividing into balls, placing on traces and then into a cooler is the current method.

Here is what I used to do, is this considered old school now?

Work up a batch of dough and put it into a large trash can container to ferment for a few hours. After rising the dough was cut into proper portions for the various sizes. I would run it through the sheeter (double pass) fix it up a little to make it round and then into the pizza skin cooler until it was needed later for pizzas. Thickness was around 3/8 or so.

Is this method still used? Or has the method of dough management changed? Being it was about 20 years ago I figured things might be a little different now.

I believe, as many others, dough management has changed…

No longer do we make dough like a bread baker might, but we manage it over a few days, based on business needs…

I think you get a more manageable and better product…

Thanks for the reply, I will do some searching for threads, articles, etc dealing with current dough management so I can get re-educated. However if anyone has a link or two, please post them up. Thanks.

Really, if you put “dough management” into the search here in Think Tank (top of page), you’ll get loads and loads of threads on dough. Change management to other key worsds you are interested in: proofing, yeast, retarding, recipe, etc . . . .and you can refine what you find.