What dough scale do you use?

I am looking for a good, reliable and accurate scale for weighing doughs. What is everyone using, dial? digital? I currently use the Edlund heavy duty 32oz x 1/4oz dial scale and it is pretty much worthless for how much the thing costs($250). The scale is only 1 year old and I have already had to send it back for accuracy repairs and it still will never consistently return to zero and now I just found out it is off by almost 2oz… Any suggestions?


Hi justin:

Bakers mostly use balance scales, nothing to wear out.

George Mills

We have been using rubbermaid/pelouze scales for a few years now.

http://www.webstaurantstore.com/rubberm … 2SRWQ.html

I think the most important features are a large platform and a quick stop/dashpot or anti boinging device as I call it.
We are hard on them and we still get 1-2 years out of them. They sure don’t make things like they used to.

I’ve always used a dial scale. I take the front off and mark the lines for the different high cost toppings like for cheese or meats and also use one for a dough scales. I could always find one at Walmart or a food supply place depending on cost.

We use a taylor 5 lb dial scale similar to this, they cost about 40 to 50 bucks.

Once in a while check the accuracy against the digital scale by weighing the same object on both, preferably an object of similar weight to your dough balls. On a spring scale 0 is your least accurate point because there is no pressure on it. You don’t really care about zero, if you are making 15 oz dough balls you care about being right at 15. They are sensitive to shock or stress, put a little spray on the scale before cutting dough so the balls don’t stick and pull up against the mechanism.


I use a digital kitchen scale from Wally world for $25.

In my experience, digital scales don’t hold up c
very to so much heavy abuse. Dial scales seem to be the best option but you need the heavier ones so they don’t bounce too much. Currently we have a 25 lb Rubbermaid one that needs to be replaced because the dial needs to constantly be reset during batches. We had another brand previously that last probably twenty years before someone clumsily broke it :frowning:

I’ll have weigh in on this one

Frys # 5321988 Mfr: A&D Medical
89.99 at frys takes 4 D Batteries lasts for years


I’m with George, balances are hard to beat, just don’t put them in water, don’t pick them up by the platforms, and occasionally inspect the knife edges (don’t oil them, instead use a dry lubricant). If you want to go the digital route, A&D Scales (www.andweighing.com) are really hard to beat for durability, accuracy, and cost. Expect to pay about $400.00. These folks are out at Pizza Expo every year too.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor


What model are they suggesting for dough scaling?