what drives me insane!!

The post about watching for 20 minutes bugs me a little too - I don’t blame them - but it isn’t comfortable!

And then, there’s the pick-up people, who ask how long, we tell them 20 minutes, and they show up an hour later.
I want them to have fresh hot pizza - TELL me if you want it in an hour!

I have these SAME TWO CUSTOMERS!!!

How about the customers who offer a big tip if you get it there faster than the quoted time and of course Stiffo when the driver gets the order there quick. What really gets me are the customers who call up and disect the menu and order everything with no this and no that, but with this sauce and that spice but on the side… 9 time sout of 10 they call back with a complaint looking for a freebie.

Last night - customer orders a pizza to collect, comes into the shop just as it is coming out of the oven.

Rings back 45 minute later - ‘when i got home it was cold’

I reminded him that it had just come out of the oven when he picked it up.

He went on and on - it was cold when I got home

I told him I was sorry but obviously I couldn’t be reasonable for what he did with his pizza once he left the store - and put it in his car - wasn’t good enough - he wanted a full refund.

Eventually I asked him next time he cooks his evening meal to put it on a plate and put it outside in his car for 15-20 minutes and see if its goes cold!

Or the people who order on the phone and u tell them 20 min. and decide to be there in 5 min. and ask is there pizza ready 4 times in the next 10 min. :smiley:
Or the customer that wants 14 pizzas in a half hour
Or the customers that just want to speak to the owner to put there order in like its going to be special
Or the customer that gets mad at the price of what he ordered and wants a receipt because he cant understand why its so much
Or the customer wants a delivery and cant meet the minimum gets mad on the phone
Or the customer that calls and complains about the food and asks for a refund asked them to bring food back and they say they dont have no more…they ate it lololol

[size=7]Damm I love my customers…

I know what you mean. I have customers who will eat either the whole pizza or get down to the last few slices then complain to someone that it didn’t have the toppings they ordered. Um you didn’t notice that after your first few bites? I mean it couldn’t be that bad if you finished it off could it?

and the list goes on and on
I had a lady come to the store on monday with a pizza box in her hands and we are closed sunday and she said he got a pizza here on friday and it was bad we couldnt eat it so I said why didnt you call then and i would have replaced it she said they were to busy so I took the box out of her hands and there was 2 pieces in the box and I said wheres the rest of it and she said it was so bad we threw it away and then wanted her money back and I laughed in her face and she said can i got half back and I laughed harder and pointed towards the door.

The customer who lives in the adjoing suburb to our cut off delivery area and orders under that suburbs name.

When ever we get delivery request for the suburb we ask if they are actually in that suburb or the adjoing one. Funny how many then say “oh it’s only a couple of kilometres more so what’s the problem”. (yeah but it’s another 10 - 15 minutes extra on the delivery round trip). Sorry but WE DON"T DELIVER TO YOUR SUBURB !!! :twisted:

Some swear that they are in the delivery suburb so we just look it up on the map on the computer and see that it’s not. Oh you lie about where you live and are you going to lie about paying ??


when the food service truck does not show up and I have to buy canned crushed tomatoes that I do not like from the local grocer, then on top of that, run out of cheese and have to close…

PS, that was yesterday, the truck was due early this morning, still no show, I’ll open in an hour, just to close again for lack of supplies…the sales rep cannot locate the truck either…hope this is the worst of my problems,

Ok, I just have to chime in on this one. I will be opening my pizza place in about two months so I have no stories from it yet, but here are a few from my the sports bar I sold a few years back.

 I go into the restroom on a very busy friday night, and find one of the customers using the sink as a makeshift urinal!  As he was being thrown out the front door all he could say was "come on man when you gotta go you gotta go."  Of course I replied "Yes the customer is always right, and you gotta go!"

 On another wonderful night I walk into the restroom to find someone using one of the urinals as a toilet!!!  I give him a little push on the forehead and he just kinda falls right back into it.  These were the kind of urinals that go all the way to the floor, so here he was with his pants around his ankles and sitting on top of his own business in a urinal!!!  Looking back at it now it was pretty funny, but at the moment it was not one bit funny!  I got him cleaning supplies to clean up the mess (no pun intended, ok maybe) he made, and then I of course kicked him out for good.

 Then you got the guy that comes in the front door in Summer with a hooded sweatshirt on and goes right to the payphone and has a long conversation.  Well the payphone just broke earlier that night, and the guy has something hidden in his sweatshirt so of course you call the cops and get ready to be robbed.  Well, the cops get there and take him down, but it turns out he is looped out on something and was going to rob us with a cordless drill with aluminum foil parts that aliens told him to add to make a ray gun!  

 I could go on and on!  Now you know why I sold it and I am looking forward to the pizza biz!  Good luck all, and take care!

We have lady who is pretty darned loyal for all the problems she’s complained about. Generally, she orders on a Thursday or Friday. The history of this customer is that we had replaced food for someone at her house at least three times in the past at our last location, and they knew our policy of making food right. For about 4 weeks consecutively after we reopened, when she ordered, she informed the phone person (usually my wife) that the food they got last week was inedible, and they want some sort of credit. Each time we inform that we will gladly make any order right that night, but a week later we cannot do much of anything about it. Well she called back one night when the order was “bad”. We asked her to bring in the wings that were totally inedible and the pizza that was so burned it could not be eaten. The next day, she brought in 2 of the 15 wings and 2 slices of a 12" pizza saying they got that far before calling. She did bring in some wings one time that were actually a bit over-cooked, so we replaced them and added extras for the hassle.

My answer was to kill her with kindness. I took an order one time and assured her that I would test the order myself before it went out. I cooked 16 wings for her 15 order . . . the one I ate was pristine. I trimmed a tiny strip of “core sample” from the cheese-sticks pizza before it went out. I even had a customer/friend taste it. It all went out and the driver informed her that we tested it all for her to be sure it was good. Asked her to check it before driver left . . . we haven’t had a complaint since. Granted, we are all on alert for her name and make sure we pay close attention.

from the sports bar stories, I’m glad I am in a pizzeria…

Good luck Pizzmagoo, on your opening in Tuscon.
I look forward to getting by to see you, will be in Phoenix on Tuesday and dine at Bianco’s Pizzerria.

Love the “ray gun” robbery!

Had a guy order a pizza with “everything”. We TRIPLE checked - “you want hot peppers?” yes. “you want pineapple?” yes. And since he seemed a little drunk, he heard and approved the ENTIRE list of toppings.

Called back an hour later: “I don’t like the pizza.”

We asked what seemed to be the problem, and he said “I don’t like my pizza with all this stuff on it.”

Gee, sorry about that, but we are VERY certain that you ordered it like that - and you did get what you ordered…

“But I don’t like it - aren’t you gonna give me my money back or a free pizza or something?”

Hmm. Sorry, no. We’d like for you to love our pizza - but we can’t give you a refund for ordering something you don’t like…

Typically, we are VERY proactive about fixing any food complaint - with replacements or credits for future orders, etc.
But this guy was wasted…and his complaint was just funny…

or the customer who pay and thanks us for the great service and food we have , oh you do not have these customers ? i do
well any type of business has its good and bad

The customer the other week who order 2 Jumbo’s (18") 1 x Works (13 toppings) and a Gourmet with a lot of toppings and then wanted DOUBLE toppings on both.

We asked if they wanted every topping extra and they said yes. The 2 jumbos cost $60 plus all the extra toppings (12 regular @ $2 each and 8 Gourmets @ $2.50 each) took the bill to just over $100.

Customer was shocked and asked why so high and the girl outlined the pricing highlighting this was all listed on our menu the customer had in their hand. Customer swore at the girl and said $5 should have covered all the extras and said we could stick our pizzas and she would go elsewhere - the choice PH, Domino’s or about 3 indies who wouldn’t know sh1t from clay let alone how to make a pizza.

After hearing the cancellation all the makeliners gave each other high fives as none wanted to make the pizzas as they know they wouldn’t cook and would be a watery uncooked mess.
The weight of them getting them out of the oven would require 2 peel to lift them.


We gots 'em by the dozen . . . they just don’t drive me insane :smiley:

TRAIN WRECK! Broke one peel with one of those, and now we roll the cut table up to the oven . . . . you weenies can;t cook a multi-topping pie in your nanzy-panzy conveyor ovens, or something. A rea lpizza guy could have cooked those pies . . . the appropriate number of screens under the crust, and a heat sink stuck in top, and we’d be smokin’!

TRAIN WRECK! Broke one peel with one of those, and now we roll the cut table up to the oven . . . . you weenies can;t cook a multi-topping pie in your nanzy-panzy conveyor ovens, or something. A rea lpizza guy could have cooked those pies . . . the appropriate number of screens under the crust, and a heat sink stuck in top, and we’d be smokin’![/quote]

Sounds like something Ma Clampett out of the Beverlly Hill Billies would cook up and the way she would do it. :smiley: (The Clampetts did come from up in the hills around you didn’t they ???) Do you include “gizzards” on the Train Wreck too?

Touchee :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems like I remember him describing it as being made up from “table leavins” I may be wrong about that though. Gizzard pie doesn’t sound to appealing…and I’m in WV!!! My high school mascot was a hillbilly! (here they come)

(insert jokes here)

Yes I am serious…the Man High School Hillbillies! Go Big Blue! They did make a movie about my college though. I graduated from Marshall University. I was there when Matthew Mcconaughey was in town filming “We Are Marshall.” That was pretty cool.

Re-read the above post…

Oh come on!!! Nobody is going to jump all over that???

Hehe. Too easy.