What els do I need?

Hello guys,

I am existing Italian Style cafe, and Now I decided to add pizza menu

and so far I made decision on getting

Lincoln Impinger 1100 series Refurbished by PESI

and 88" Pizza prep table

and now what els do I need to serve the pizza.

I am gonna use pre-made dough from Sysco.

so no equipment for making dough

but what minor supplies do i need?

such as pizza disk…

please give me some good recommendation on where to get it…

I’d like to serve thin&crust Napolitan style pizza

The 2 places I go for pizza disks/pans are www.nminc.com[/url] and [url=http://www.pizzatools.com]www.pizzatools.com[/url] . If you are going to deliver you will also need bags I use [url=http://www.deliverybags.com]www.deliverybags.com

www.pizzatools.com has some great disks/pans. I use the hardcoat ones and they still look new after using them hard for 9 months. Very easy to clean and I think that there are some pros to using them in an impinger oven.

Looks like “pizzatools.com” sells LLoyd’s Pans.

They are one and the same.

That’s what I just figured out. :smiley:

Unless you are just using sauce from a can and pre-diced/shredded cheese you will need a mixer and something to process your cheese.

I don’t like to use any processed or pre-made product except dough, so what kind of mixer is recommended?

thanks :slight_smile:

I use one of these http://www.pizzatools.com/item_detail.a … e=MIXER-SS[/url] there is no picture here but this is kind of what it looks like [url=http://www.bnglifecasting.com/diy/hand/mixer.jpg]http://www.bnglifecasting.com/diy/hand/mixer.jpg I use a cordless drill to power it.