What else can I cook in my conveyer oven

Dunno about you but I’m getting bit sick of Italian food every night :smiley:

What else do you cook in your oven…obviously there’s roast veges…and I’ve discovered a steak usually cooks pretty good with a once through. … Another thing I’ve recently been cooking is chicken tandoori . Mix a good tandoori or tandoori paste with plain yogurt…slice a chicken piece into 5 or 6 long slices and mix with paste/yogurt mixture. marinate for 1-2 hours. Then once through the oven is perfect - better than any I’ve bought in Indian restaurants.
Anyone got any other suggestions for " conveyor cooking" …would love a baked fish recipe

HI Grapsta:

Just about anything that can pass through th opening can be “cooked” in the air impingement conveyor ovens.

Montgomery Inn does their famous ribs in them, Red Lobster does much of their menu in them.

I sold one to a gourmet dog brisket company. Cookies, bagels cheese cakes, pies. Hamburgers and hot dogs can also be done.

I have a client that uses one to just brown the meringue on the pies he produces.

We did a custom version for Sara Lee to brown the tops of chicken breasts in their test kitchen.Used no bottom heat and custom large conveyor opening.

Be creative.

George Mills

Too funny… I’m totally pizza’d out!

Today for my lunch, I did Fish Sticks and Tater Tots. They turn out great. One of my employees asked me if I was thinking about adding them to the menu. Needless to say, I gave her a very strange look. Yea, that would definitely fit into my concept :?

I think all of us get tired of our own food. One night last week I had no less than 5 fast food owners order from me in just under 2 hours. I had one of them bring me supper and we traded.

I have done stir fry in my oven before. It turned out OK.

Stir Fry in an oven…woah :o that’s way outta left field

Hi George,

Thanks again for the quick quote on the XLT by the way. I’m wondering, you mentioned a lot of products that could be baked on a conveyor, what about cakes? Just a random thought in my head filled with random thoughts, but my wife is one of those local ladies you find in every small town that is known for her cakes. She’s currently self-limited to doing wedding cakes only (i.e. high profit cakes). Would a batter bake up without much tweaking to the oven back and forth from pizza to cake?

when I bake brownies, I put a screen over the pan to deflect the air flow…reckon you could try it that way as well

Cakes are difficult because they are thick, and they are traditionally cooked at a temp far lower than most conveyors are set at. Things like cooking cookies in a tall pan (1.5-2 inch) and setting a screen over the top stop the impingement process and lower the temp that hits the cookie directly, making it a doable thing in your oven.

The most nontraditional thing I ever cooked in my conveyors was a turkey. I have doors that open on the front, and needed a turkey done, so I pulled out the 2 middle upper fingers (MM PS200 interior), and threw the bird in for a few hours. I didn’t cover the 2 holes and the wing charred a bit where the tin foil blew away, but not much at all. The turkey and stooffing were great.

I also cook squash by cutting it in half, and just throwing it in the bottom of the oven, below the fingers. After painting it with butter and brown sugar of course.

(ps, why would stu…ffing be sensored?)

Hi Deacon;

The only limiting factor for baking cakes or anything else is th height of the entrance way into the bake chamber.

Once you determine the time and temperature to bake your cakes it is a simple matter of pushing a couple buttons to set and reset for pizza or cakes or whatever you are baking or cooking.

If you start with a very liquid batter Patriot’s above suggestion is very good.

George Mills

Patriot, are you cooking brownies at your regular time and temp?

CiCi’s does brownies @ reg temp/time…trick is 2 use 1/2 sheet pan…oil well…3# mix(?) 4 oz H2O & 8 oz. Oil (will have 2 double ck recipe)

I’ve been playing w/a similar recipe, but using small aluminum trays…running 6.40@640 - seems 2 work…items continue cooking a bit & when delivered are just fine…run cookies same…