What else do you serve besides Pizza

we sell pizza, calzones, wings, spaghetti, fettucini, and a couple of steaks was looking at adding something else any suggestions

thanks dennis

chicken fingers/tenders gives you a lot of flexibility. If yuo already have wings, then you can bake/fry, however you do yur wings. Tenders can become a pizza topping, dinner with garlic bread and salad, spaghetti topping, breaded and fried (deep or pan) makes them a fried finger that can be tossed with your wing sauces . . .

If sandwiches are labor intensive sometimes, but are profitable for us. Meatballs, cheesesteak, tenders, pizza sandwich with pepperoni and whatever custom toppings, leads to french bread pizzas, italian sausage and peppers,

Any of this sound enticing.

thanks Nick

Say the word if you want more ideas. I got a file of stuff I haven’t started at my own place yet :smiley:

You should definetly have salads with that menu. I think they would be the prefect addition.

Just about everything, you can see our menu on our website just click the globe. Depending on what equipment you have I have a million ideas you can use as well.

Our whole concept changed up when we ended up in a long-desired, but thought out of reach location. We’re doing a deep-dish and a tossed style pie, pastas, a few subs like Nick offered, then we ended up with fryers and griddles etc. so we’ll also add in burgers, breaded tenderloins, dinner salads, always at least 2 soup choices, and a ribeye, fish, and a pork entree. We’ll also rotate in “specials” as we go to test new markets. We’re moving into the craft-brew arena while keeping a couple of the std. American yellow lagers on tap as well. In our starters menu are wings, tenders, and a “rattler”, a jalapeno popper with the a bacon wrapped shrimped stuffed in the mix.