What flour brand and cheese do you use & why

Hello Everyone
I’ve been around here as a guest many times. I’m a member of PMQ. I’ve also owned two rest. in the past. I had the opportunity to see Tom L at the Orlando Pizza Show and boy was that a show. I’ve been through half of the forum pages and have not found the answers to my questions. So I’m asking them now. I’m for the NY Style pizza. My dough lacks the flavor I’m looking for. I lean towards the more yeasty flavor. I use KASL now. I’ve been told to look for a different brand. So I’m asking for your help and also for the cheese your opinions.
My place is not open yet and I still have time to work these ideas out. I own the building so noone can kick me out. Its a good thing since I’ve been working on it for a year and half. We are in a very small town that has a lot of politics. Heck we don’t even have liquor that we can sell or wine in the rests. Yes its true.
But I’m getting closer. I’ve not done pizza in the past rest. But I’m going with a new concept I’ve not seen before. But I think it will work.
After reading many of your posts. You have found that serving other things brings you in more money. My thoughts are this. If you are already going to be serving good salads with all the veg on them you only have to add the meat items pepperoni and sausage. Because I already have ham and bacon. If I develop a unique menu. which it is. it can support all my great food. So everyone is happy. No matter what they order. I would appreciate all your comments and advice on the flours and cheese you use and of course anything else. I will be using a small deck oven for these pizzas.

GM Superlative flour and a California whole milk mozzarella from Shamrock foods…
I make a “NY” style crust…
look under the PMQ recipe bank for a NY style dough formula,

Hotel and Restaurant all-purpose flour . . . only bench flour as we still use dough balls from vendor.

Cheese is a combination of Roseli (USFoods) Whole Milk and PArt Skim Mozz/prov blend. I do not know who the manufacturer is, but I do not believe it has changed since I started. No taste/performance differences I have been able to notice.

in ny the roselli is sorrento cheese

In Fla, I get the US Foods house brand, but in a diced form…am told it is packaged by Saputo, in WI…I also like Sorrento & Grande…flour of choice is All Trumps…better than Superlative IMHBAO Otis


what kind of crust are you looking for that should tell you the % of glutin you want to use and you go from there all trumps is good

I believe the NY crust comes from pillsbury potente high gluten. Dough is very simple consisting of about 5 ingredients…The cheapest ingredient in dough that does the most for you is [size=5]TIME[/size]

And i suggest grande as the best cheese.

I certainly appreciate all the information you all are giving me. It sounds like Grande is the favorite among you. And they give alot of free ads with it. HMM off set the advertising budget. LOL Its Grande because of its flavor, melting points, stability, consistency or ? Thank you all again for your time

I just mixes a couple of batches of General Mills Harvest King flour on the reccommendation from Tim Huff at GM that it was the closest to “00” floer, and it sure handled well…we’ll see,

We have been using Grande cheese for the last 4 years. It’s a little
more money but it will bring you more customers in the long run.
People don’t mind to pay for good quality pizza.

Flour: General Mills

Grande is $3.94 per pound in AZ, eventhough I am not using it now…hope you are not having to pay that much…must be the extra shipping to AZ,

Otis what are you paying compared to the Grande cheese? What percent of protein is the GM product. I’m really surprised if it compares to “00”

paid $2.48 today for Golden State brand, CA 50/50 mozz/provolone…Harvest King is about 11.5% protein
what is the Caputo ?