What happened to the dough ball?

I remember when I was a kid and it was Pizza night, my brothers and sisters would fight on who got the dough ball.
Dough Ball = pizza support tool in center of pizza.

Anyone still use the dough ball or does everyone use the plastic ones these days? Thinking of bringing them back in…

You mean the Barbie doll table?

The boxes back then were crap, and you needed one.

Why do you call it a dough ball?? :roll: I am confused.

what is it called then? A round ball made of Dough cooked and placed in the middle to hold the box up.

I remember a place that did that but the lid props are so cheap it didn’t pay to do the dough ball.

Not needed anymore if you use a good box. The good boxes also keep the pizza hotter too. A win all around.

Oh wow, I have never seen that. I have only seen the barbie doll tables.

A trick I do every once in a while…solo cup upside down works great.