What have you heard about Subways pizza program?

What have you heard about Subways pizza program?

I have a client thinking about imitating the subway system forpizza and he is looking for comments and advise.

Any insights you guys can provide will be helpful.

George Mills

It works so well they are dropping it from many stores including the one in my market.

They have dropped it from the 2 Subways in Quartzsite, AZ.

I don’t think they are dropping it because its necessarily a bad system but rather people are rejecting the concept of Subway doing pizzas. There are many chains doing this in other market segments successfully – Chipotle for one. It can make for a great presentation and provide a lot of visual interest for the customers to observe. I would also think people would be inclined to put more toppings on their pizzas if they are involved in the process.

My concerns would be having enough traffic to justify a dedicated food line just for this because I don’t see it working as part of regular production.

If my family stops to grab something while we are out we go to Subway. I have tried to get their pizza 3 different times. Once, the worker refused to make it, then they were out and then they couldn’t cook it right since it was still a little frozen. It was burnt on top and froze under it. My kids were pretty mad. The employee called someone and said “He told me to give you back your money.” So, we left and went somewhere else. It really is gross looking.

Chipotle is now making pizza? WTF?

The Dunkin Donuts by my house just remodeled and started selling individual sized pizzas.

Pizza Tony

Do you know what oven Dunkin uses to bake the pizza ?

I can’t comment on Dunkin Donuts is using, but I went to Schlotzky’s in Lufkin, TX they were selling individual pizzas as well. I didn’t try one, so I can’t comment on taste. However I did watch one get made and they have those little conveyor ovens that they use for their sandwiches and that is what they were using for the pizzas as well. It looked like they were using those tortilla style frozen thin crusts and had various pizzas to choose from.

Here is a LINK to a brief article on the subject.

I hope that helps.

The Subway pizzas in Quartzsite, AZ were pretty regrettable.

Their employees, when they had pizza, still got pizza from me.


no, their process for making their Mexican food is the same as Subway’s for sandwiches.

subway pizza’s aren’t anything to worry about, i currently own a subway along with my indie pizza shop, the program is not pushed very well, the pizza’s aren’t very tasty, they are quick, 90 sec. but the cheese burns so i switched their on cheese to make it apealing, i sell less than 75 a week and currently expanding my pizza shop, no worrys, the businesses are side by side. :shock: :smiley:

I too never got to try a Subway pizza at 3 different locations in my area…each one had a new excuse as to why they weren’t selling the pizzas today.

Not a good way to market a new (at the time) product, IMO.


The shop here makes them…went to get one just to see what it was all about. I don’t think I am going to go under from Subway selling pizza…

What I saw:

Open fridge pull out plastic wrapped pizza…unwrapped put in a microwave looking thing for a minute or so and sent me on my way. Something about seeing the pizza come out get unwrapped and put in a cooker for a minute that wasn’t too appealing. Not to mention the crew looked like aliens just trying to do that…

No offense blavis just not appealing to the eye. It tasted ok. They should have them do it out of sight. Hard to explain…it would be like them pulling out a premade sub, microwaving it and plopping it in a bag and handing it to you and saying…ENJOY!