What if I succeed?

Ok so let’s say i go through all the hoops and get my pizzeria up and running. I’ve prepared for the worst case scenerio and my break-even point. But what about the best case scenerio? What if the pizzeria is an instant smash hit? this is a small town and although i don’t expect to be instantly booming it crosses my mind when i spy on my competition. 15 people working behind the counter and a 2 hour delivery wait time which usually runs to more like 3 hours. that’s a busy friday for them. they are obviously a well established business and i don’t even have a sign yet. I guess my question is, Should there be a line between trying to get every customer you can when the store opens and trying to get as many as you can handle? I know its far-fetched but i’ve been preparing for the worst case scenerio so much that i don’t want to get caught out if the store is a success. I hope that made sense.

You make a very good point. I was in your shoes when I opened this place. Looking at the demographics and the competition and the traffic counts I was determined this store would open up at $14k. I hired for $14k, trained my people for $14k, and staffed to do $14k my opening week… we did $6503.

So, yeah, I blew a little labor. I had a lot of extra people to go doorhanging, though. If I could’ve done it any differently I would’ve probably hired a few less people in the beginning. You’ll probably get a little pop the first couple weeks just because you’re new. Then, after the “new” wears off you’ll drop down to expected levels. Then it’s up to you on how fast you want to build the business. However, the little pop you’ll get the first couple weeks shouldn’t warrant you hiring an additional 5-10 employees. You just won’t need 'em.

Now… as far as getting as many customers you can get or get as many as you can handle? What do you think I would do? :wink: -J_r0kk

I wish you the best of luck and I hope you wind up being very busy when you open, but not so much that quality suffers. I am in the same boat that you are and I am trying to figure out a good middle ground to start with as well. I guess all we can do is make sure we have a well trained staff and enough of them so that nobody gets overly stressed out during the first week except for you! I figure it has to be better to blow a bit too much on labor and give your customers a better first time experience as well as not putting too much stress on your employees. Good luck!

P.S. I think I know how J_r0kk would answer…Get as many as you can and then figure out a way to handle them! Me too!

I planned my second store to open at about 10-12K, and that was optimistic. We opened at 19K. Better to be over staffed than under.

People will remember that first experience, and if you are in a small town, they will all try you right away, AND they will remember it for a LONG LONG LONG time!

There is only one way to really handle all possibilities. Train, train, train.

When you are talking about the money are these 10-19 K meaning weekly?
Just curious

Yep, they are weekly.

Thank goodness!! Lol, I am doing my sales projections as well. I thought if those are monthly im wayyyyyyyyyy off on my numbers, lol!!

I know that would scare me as well! It is just a bit easier to make a living on those being weekly numbers! I wish you the best of luck with your store, it is so much fun not really knowing how things will turn out but it is also a bit scary!

I dont know if scary even comes close to what im feeling. I have been working on my business plan for a couple of months and plan to open in 8 weeks and every day I consider holding off opening for a another week!! EEKK!! but thanx and good luck to you as well


When I pull my traffic count info I get it from the Kansas D.O.T. I’m sure if your state has a similar Dept. of Transportation you can get it off their website. -J_r0kk

If your D.O.T. does not have it your city should.