What is everyone doing for christmas?

I plan on closing Christmas day…but I am undecided about Christmas eve. Closed early or regular hours?

Ill be open Christmas Eve most like, at least till about 9.

Christmas Eve - close 6:30
Christmas Day - closed

I plan to have a big christmas eve, we are giving away a gift card with every order (my hope is it is regifted and I pick up new people :slight_smile:
closed on christmas.

Christmas Eve: 8pm Closing
Christmas: CLOSED

Slice shop is open both days for the skiers, regular hours.

Delco is open xmas eve to 8PM and closed on xmas.

xmas eve is equal to typical weeknight regardless what day of the week it falls on. (this is our 10th)

We tried opening normal hours on Christmas eve in the past. In 2004 it was on a Friday and we sold about 35% of a regular Friday, In 2005 the store only sold $260 on Christmas Eve. We were on our way to relatives house and the girl running the store called at about 7PM and asked if they could close since they had already scrubbed the inside of the hood and washed the walls in the kitchen area. What really freaked me out is when we got back they had actually done all that. I miss her. Since then we have closed on the 24th and 25th.
This year it is on a Wednesday, we will open from 11-4 to service our lunch customers since lunch business has been improving, and then go home and get into the eggnog.


Whoo Hoo!!! I can post!!! (I’ve been struggling for weeks to get back in and had to get a whole new registration and a different computer to access this. What did I do wrong??)

ANYWAY… We’ve been open in the past on Christmas Eve day (closing at 6) but it’s not worth the trouble so lately we close both Christmas Eve and Day. One year we were closed the whole week and went on vacation, but customers were upset. This year we’re also closing Tuesday, since we’re always closed Mondays anyway, and giving the crew a good four-day mini-vacation before coming in on Friday to be there for the weekend, when it’s busy anyway. We’ve advertised our closing and hope the customers understand. (I think they can relate to the importance of family holidays better than just randomly being closed.) It’s a hard call sometimes, but in a small place it’s hard to give people any days off and they deserve the rest and recreation (snowboarders…)!

closed the 24th
closed the 25th
closed jan 1st :mrgreen:

Same here.

Christmas Eve~ close at 6pm
Christmas~ closed
New Years Eve~ close at 8pm
New Years Day~ open at 2pm (instead of 11am)