What is everyone paying a GM

What is everyone paying a GM and how?

Salary? Hourly? Bonuses? If salary what are the hourly requirements?

Where are you located?

What type of pizza business? Delco or sit down/ dine in

82k, health insurance, dental, vision, 10% profit, no real set limit on vacation days. Allowed to take off whenever as long as store is set and running well and shifts are covered when off.

I have 2 other managers that get 10% profit and once I did this for my managers it changed everything for the better.

Are you a Delco or sit down full service? Is that salary if so Hour requirements?

nevermind I found your website, answered my questions

Quick service, 45 hours a week on schedule plus maybe 5 hours of paperwork a week maybe?

We are a new dine in, carry out pizza restaurant. ( 6 months open) - 20-25 employees

We pay our GM hourly at the moment ($25) with no set vacation time or benefits yet.
40 hour work week, and can take off when needed.

My wife and I also work 50ish hours each. (We will try to work less and less as the store develops)

We are in Midwest. (Kansas City area)