What is everyone paying for cheese right now?

Just cuirous especially for 5 or 10 pound blocks of mozzarella Also what is the price difference buying in blocks vs shredded ?

ours works out to $1.05 per 100g (3.53 oz)

Cheddar is $1.26 per 100g

Im sure I don’t want to know what everyone else pays :eek:

ETA: This is shredded

$1.64 per pound, 6 pound blocks of mozzarella

$1.90 per pound, 6 pound blocks of mozzarella

$2.7 a pound, comes to us shredded.

Im around 1.98#lb for 6# blks

$1.80 per pound for 100% mozz in blocks and not happy about it. It’s like the food companies have stopped competing with each other.

$2.19/lb, shredded.

Man, I’m paying a lot more than everyone else! Anyone using grande?

1.61/lb mozzarella in California no less. Block cheese of course. Loving that transcanada deal!

Through our distributor Grande is $2.81b shredded and $2.61lb for the loaf. Walter

Joe if your getting it from canada for 1.61 thats great news for me… when I get open. Just wanted to get an idea

How does that deal effect the cheese cost?

Cheese(dairy) is overstocked in the US right now. Lost several export opportunities with Russia, China, and now Canada. Canadian dollar is very weak vs US dollar currently so they’ve scaled back significantly leaving us pizza operators and the yogurt companies reaping the benefits. We could see them drop even further after Q1 reports are posted.

Canadian cheese prices are horrid :frowning:

Are you registered for the CDC rebate for mozza? It saves me about 10%.

These threads are like saying, “what’s everyone paying for car?”, or “what’s everyone paying for wine?” There are always massive discrepancies between brands in my area, so I’m sure it’s the same worldwide…

These posts seem so silly to me without stating what product you are actually buying, not just the type of cheese and the price.

1.61 LMPS arrezio sysco label

I use the same as you Jokergerm. My price is 1.78 for blocks. I order 30 cases a week…you would think I could get a better price but that’s the best I can get.

2.61 Grande’ 50/50 diced