What is everyone paying for cheese right now?

Anyone price cheese at Restaurant Depot?

Cheese prices at the Depots by me are always much higher than US Foods or Sysco on cheese especially. I only go if I’m in a pinch. Wing prices are better though as well as some other items.

I use Sorrento 50/50. It’s slightly cheaper at Restaurant Depot, but it’s not enough that it’s worth having to transport it myself right now.

We go through like 50 cases a week between both shops. But I’m in a franchise with prices already locked in. I bet we go through 750 cases a week system wide

I do know we are literally at cost with cheese. They make there money on other items but not cheese

Grande Cheese user here…

Whole loaf part skim mozz - @$2.31/lb

~$2.20/lb shredded part skin mozz/prov blend

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$ 2.30 Bacio whole milk block, with some kind of rebate coming according to volume

RD is selling 6lb blocks whole or part skim starting 3/1-3/15 for $1.56 a lb!
I am going to stock up

RD in SoCal prices mozza at .20 over market. We pay .29 over market, this if for block cheese. I use a custom formulated cheese so I am locked in and won’t shop around. Our customers expect it.

Last year I was buying Grande from a dist. for 3.25 - 3.50 a lb. It was killing me and honestly grande is not THAT great. I think CA cheese is better. Lol
I also get my mozz from costco business and Ive been currently paying around 1.75-1.85 a lb.

Yes, we saved a fair bit signing up for that I thought more like 6% but we saved a lot switching suppliers a few years back as well

That kind of cost would sink me! We did a blind taste test with a bunch of customers and employees and while several people preferred the Grande it was not half of them in a test with three cheeses and all three got votes. For me, I would have to see a clear preference to think about paying an up-charge like that! Even at the 50-75 cents per pound premium that the prices mentioned above amount to the cost would be over $15,000 per year… and despite the familiarity all of us have with the name, I am certain that 99% of my customers have never heard of it so marketing the name would be no help.

For those of you paying $2.30 plus for whatever premium brand I suggest you do a blind test with at least 3 kinds of cheese and a couple of dozen or more testers and see what you find.