What is Pastry Flour?

I just noticed on the bags of flour that I’ve been using for the past few months since I started my new dough formula, that is says “Pastry Flour” on it.
What is the difference between regular All Purpose flour and Pastry Flour?
My Deep Dish crust recipie calls for general purpose, low protein flour… maybe this is why the flavor has changed when I started getting this flour as compared to the general stuff I bought at the local grocer.

Pastry flour is used for baked goods, like pie crust, cookies… not to be used for pizza dough…

But what makes it for pastry only?

just a swag… lower protein %??

Lower protein content. Used for cakes, and fine pastry. Used when you want little or no gluten development.
I would not use for cookies or quick breads though - due to there minimal mixing times.

Some people mix it in to there bread flour to make dough. ratios? Don’t know…

about how much lower then regular All Purpose flour? is it a dramatic difference or no? My supplier only has two types of flour, this General Purpose Pastery Flour and a High Protien Flour that i use to use for thin crust pie’s.

Don’t know exactly. When in need of this information I always call the manufacturer. In your case call your supplier and get the name of the mfr rep that sells to them. I would guess that it (pastry flour) is between 7 to 9% gluten (Gluten is a composite of the proteins gliadin and glutenin).
It’s weird because when you check the label of all flour types the protein content is always 4% - And that is per serving. What’s up with that?

yeah, i wondered why my flavor profile was a bit ascue, but it’s not a massive difference.
I’ll call everyone up and try to get this tracked down.
Thanks all!

i found the following table showing some ranges of ash and protein in wheat flour:

Ash Protein Wheat flour type
US German French
~0.4% ~9% pastry flour 405 40
~0.55% ~11% all-purpose flour 550 55
~0.8% ~14% high gluten flour 812 80
~1% ~15% first clear flour 1050 110

1.5% ~13% white whole wht 1600 150

It may not be exact,but it is probably a good rough guide. Pastry flour is really, really soft while pizza flour (high protein/gluten) is a good bit higher in protein.