What is Pennsylvania style pizza!

Had 2 different customers today mention we were close to Pennsylvania style pizza. Uhh, not sure what that is. Can someone please shed some light?

Not sure if they are referring to the same thing by a different name, I remember reading a while back on “Stuebenville” style pizzas. Thin, squares that are ordered by the square, as in “Give me 3”…and the cheese and most of the toppings are actually put on the pie AFTER it is pulled from the oven. and yo…if I’m all wrong on this one, please be gentle, I’m an old man with a fading memory…


I kick myself b/c I was there twice last year for conferences and still wasn’t able to get away to hunt one down!

Is it old Forge pizza?


I’m with the rest of the group on this one too, as I’m not sure either. Most of the pizzas that I’ve had in PA are of the thin crust variety, and they resemble the New York style, but they are a bit thicker, but then that’s just my opinion. You’re are probably ahead of the rest of us in the fact that you have had at least two different customers tell you that your pizza is very similar to a PA pizza, what are the characteristics of your pizza?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I find that strange. Living on the west side of PA we have 50 pizza places within 10 miles of our house. Most all of them make the same style of pizza I get in indiana, and ohio. I have not seen anything special with it.

Maybe vocelli can answer the question, he is usually on here somewhere.

not blazing any trails here…
hand tossed 14oz doughball for a 14" pizza. standard dough of king wheat, salt, sugar, yeast, olive oil
grande diced whole milk, full red sauce, blodgett deck oven.

I actually have to work on the east side of the state (Bethlehem - just north of Philly and a bit south of NYC) 2 out of every 4 weeks and I cant find anything particularly different. I did go to a place called Doughboy’s (as local a place as i can find) and it was like Tom described it…NY style thin crust, but a little thicker - maybe different cheese blend, but thats not really a regional thing. I really havent had any pizza in PA that is a distinct style…like if you said Chicago style or NY style…

I think they mean Philadelphia Style Pizza. When I was kid in South Philly, the pizza we ate was pan made, square, thin crust and the typical toppings were peppers, onions, shrooms, sausage and pepperoni. Some would forgo the sausage and pepperoni for shaved beef like what was on a cheesesteak.

My restaurant is by the Pocono Raceway, it’s my opinion they are talking about Old Forge pizza. Everyone around here knows about it, it was a really big thing back in the 80’s, but I think it has chilled a bit since then.