what is the best brand in deli meat ?

what is the best brand of deli meat you guys have tried or heard about pls tell me and thanks

Boars Head

ditto - also is about the only brand that any customers would recognize (at least in a positive way)

the problem w/Boar’sHead, as I see it, is that its sold @ the Publix grocery stores in Fla & their subs are way too cheap to compete…so, I don’t use BH - plus the sodium/MSG count is quite high, IMHBAO

its been my experience, any decent brand, when covered w/cheese & condiments, baked in the oven on good bread, will be a winner, if priced right…

most sub shops are much too skimpy w/the portions & charge too much (Subway/Quiznos etc)

I think boars head is pretty good but is too expensive… old neighborhood is really good and the prices are decent. for smoked turkey, carolina is good.

boars head!! thumans is said to be good too

It is my understanding that you have to be a deli to serve Boar’s Head. Meaning you have to have a case with the bulk product out front to sell. Can anyone confirm this?

What are u paying for BH?

I have switched to Hormel ham, turkey, pepperoni, & salami.

Each product is great taste alone, our customers love it.